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  • Music Crowd

    Blockchain technology can solve several media industry problems

    Luke Parker

    The unsurpassed reach of the Internet and the emergence of a range of new digital technologies have transformed virtually every corner of the music industry for fans and creators alike. While consumers enjoy vastly more options, these market disruptions are presenting a range of important challenges for creators, producers, and distributors of music.

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  • Andrus Ansip EU Comission VP2

    European Commission 'actively monitoring' Blockchain developments

    Luke Parker

    The Vice-President of the European Commission, Andrus Ansip, recently provided details on initiatives, projects and partnerships to foster decentralised innovation ecosystems in Europe. “The Commission is actively monitoring Blockchain and DLT developments,” he said.

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  • SEC

    The devil is in the detail: SEC regulation of blockchain technology

    Richard B. Levin

    Blockchain technology has captured the imagination of the financial services industry. Unfortunately, the adoption of the technology is impaired by a lack of clarity from regulators, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), on how the technology will be regulated. Many firms in the financial services industry believe blockchain technology can be adapted for use in traditional financial services transactions in a way that can reshape the model of executing trades. But the success of blockchain technology will be impacted in large part by how the SEC elects to regulate platforms that use the technology. The devil will be in the details.

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  • Thales nShield Connect

    Accenture and Thales combine blockchain technology and hardware security modules

    Luke Parker

    Global professional services firm Accenture PLC and Thales e-security recently announced the launch of a patent-pending security system for enterprise use that, “creates a simple path to large-scale commercial use of blockchain technology,” according to Accenture.

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  • apptrade banner2

    No app is an island

    B Holmes

    Smartphones have quickly become an integral part of everyday life, for communication to remotely managing our finances and consuming online media. Statista estimates that more than two billion people, a quarter of the world’s population, are smartphone users, and predicts that number will rise to 2.8b by 2020.

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  • WEF Davos

    The UN needs Blockchain to achieve its goals

    Sam Cassatt

    I recently traveled to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, and was surprised to find blockchain on the minds of many of the leaders convened there. Even those who were not particularly knowledgeable about blockchain were aware that they should know about it. I participated in three events, including a panel at the Swedish Lunch, where I spoke about reimagining our global identity infrastructure, in front of a well-informed audience.

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  • Consensys Banner

    The birth of Enterprise Ethereum in 2017

    Jeremy Millar

    Enterprise use of blockchain technology has evolved at an almost unfathomable rate over the past 24 months. From early bitcoin experiments, senior bankers joining start-ups, the launch of the public Ethereum decentralized application platform and the many private, permissioned systems currently under development using the Ethereum technology, to the creation of industry consortia, blockchain has emerged as one of the top enterprise IT trends entering 2017.

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  • NATO meeting

    Blockchain developers Guardtime to design next-generation NATO Cyber Range capability

    Luke Parker

    The Estonian based security software company Guardtime has been awarded a contract by the Estonian Ministry of Defence and NATO, to design a next generation system, including a blockchain, to modernize the NATO Cyber Range defensive platform.

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  • Corda Banner

    Corda and the Distributed Ledger Technology

    Piotr Piasecki

    Recently I became involved with SCC's committee on "Blockchain and electronic distributed ledger technologies". During one of the discussions, I've learned about a new term that seems to have become very popular in the banking industry - "Distributed Ledger Technology" (DLT). Apparently companies like Deloitte or even the UK government have picked up on this new thing and seem to be abuzz with it.

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  • Dublin Docklands

    Irish Funds, Deloitte and State Street launch blockchain project

    Luke Parker

    The Irish Funds Industry Association (Irish Funds) recently announced a new regulatory reporting blockchain project, in collaboration with Deloitte, and industry participants including Northern Trust and State Street.

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