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Tether is the world’s first fiat currency token platform to exist on the Blockchain. With easy integration to Bitcoin businesses, we provide instant use of fiat currency on the Blockchain in the form of Tether. This reduces the volatility and unfamiliarity concerns associated with bitcoin.

Represented by ₮, our innovative platform securely converts fiat currencies and bitcoin deposits into USD₮, EUR₮, and JPY₮ currencies. Tethers can then be stored, sent and received across the Blockchain securely, quickly and cheaply.

Tether currency is backed 100% by actual fiat currency assets in our reserve account and always maintains a one-to-one ratio with any currency held. For example 1 USD₮ = 1 USD. With almost zero conversion and transfer fees, Tether currency is redeemable for cash at any time.

Tether currencies are new assets that move on the Blockchain just as easily as bitcoin. Tether currencies are essentially Dollars, Euros, and Yen formatted to work on the Blockchain. Tethers always hold their value at 1:1 to the underlying assets.

Every Tether in circulation is backed 1:1 with a matching currency in our customer reserve account and can be redeemed at any time for its original asset. This means that for every USD₮, EUR₮, and JPY₮ in a customer’s wallet, we hold a real Dollar, Euro, or Yen in our bank account as a claim by the Tether holder.

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