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The BNC Audience


BraveNewCoin users range from a wide cross section of the blockchain and fintech industry, they include:

  • Digital currency exchanges, wallet providers and traders.
  • Fintech and banking executives.
  • Bitcoin and blockchain technology entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Lawmakers and regulators from government agencies.
  • Researchers and journalists from major technology consultancies.





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Asset Issuance?

How are you going to excite, educate and encourage investors or users with your value proposition?

BNC works with a range of projects levering blockchain technology for asset issuance. We promote good governance in this brave new Asset Class. We not only offer a concierge style marketing approach, but also assist in structuring projects raising decentralized capital with an escrow and treasury framework to protect investors. Find out how we can assist your project by contacting us today. 

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  • Issuance Advice
  • Escrow Framework
  • Corporate Treasury Advice
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Asset Indexing and data solutions




We provide high-quality research, If you'd like to partner with us on research, either for distribution, brand awareness or lead generation, then please do get in touch,



BNC Advertising Guidlines

Advertising Guidelines

We enforce a set of industry guidelines, standards and codes by ensuring that advertisements are not misleading or deceptive.