Dr. Julian Hosp

  • Dr Julian Hosp

    I come from an average family living in Tyrol, Austria in the middle of the mountains. At 16 years old I decided to move to the US to play basketball – this was the first time where I chose to go against mainstream opinions. When I told my family that after I studied medicine while being a Pro-Kitesurfer for 10 years I chose not to continue to work as a medical doctor but instead to move to Asia to start my own business they weren’t thrilled (as you might imagine).

    I made some really though decisions – some of them were really bad ones – which in 2008 completely ruined me financially. Since that year I am obsessed to collect knowledge and learn the key factors that the Top 1% use to be ultra-successful. Bringing this into action I am running multiple companies, where my main business is a FinTech Company called TenX, working in the blockchain/Bitcoin area. My other passion is to pass on the tools I created for myself to create breakthroughs and the best version of a life one can have running a company called I-Unlimited.

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