Rohas Nagpal

  • Rohas Nagpal

    Rohas Nagpal is a blockchain evangelist and Chief Blockchain Architect at Primechain Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    In the past 17 years, he has investigated cyber crimes and data breaches for hundreds of organisations across dozens of sectors - aerospace, banking, defence, enforcement, IT, manufacturing, media, medical, pharmaceuticals, shipping, trading, transportation & more.

    He developed an interest in virtual currencies and blockchain technology while investigating a case of organized criminals using bitcoin. Since 2011, he has been working extensively in the blockchain (distributed ledger technology domain).

    He co-founded Asian School of Cyber Laws in 1999, assisted the Government in framing cyber laws, co-founded COIN (Collaborative Online Investigation Platform) and (a popular platform for quick & free online courses), authored 18 books & whitepapers (including the Cyber Crime Investigation Manual & Woman 2.0).

    He manages the Global Cyber Law Database and most recently co-founded IndiaCoin - an experimental crypto currency developed to train police and other enforcement agencies.

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