Ryan X. Charles

  • Ryan X Charles

    Ryan X. Charles has been a member of the bitcoin community since early 2011, and started working on bitcoin software full-time in early 2013. He’s written 20,000+ lines of open-source bitcoin software in javascript, all visible on his GitHub page, including an implementation of bitcoin, now called Yours Bitcoin.

    Charles lead BitPay's development of bitcore, BitPay's javascript implementation of bitcoin. He also designed and lead the development of Copay, the world's first p2p multisig wallet. He left BitPay to join reddit as the "world's first official cryptocurrency engineer," where he lead the development of reddit's cryptoequity project, reddit notes.

    When reddit changed leadership and decided not to continue that project, Charles joined BitGo to work on bitcoin multisig security. He’s now started his own bitcoin-based social media company, Yours.

    Yours is a way to earn money for creating and discovering good content. Finally, a way for content creators on the internet to earn money directly for their work.

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