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B-WAP ${{ block.bwap }}
Block # {{ block.height }}
Transactions {{ block.transaction_count }}
BTC {{ block.input_amount_btc }}
USD in Block ${{ block.input_amount_usd }}
Time {{ block.date }}
Block ID
{{ cleanHex(block.hash) }}
Height B-WAP Time Transactions BTC USD in Block Block ID
{{ block.height }} ${{ block.bwap }} {{ block.date }} {{ block.transaction_count }} {{ block.input_amount_btc }} {{ block.input_amount_usd }} {{ cleanHex(block.hash) }}


The "block weighted average price", or B-WAP, is a new indicator, price discovery mechanism, dataset and API.

Realizing blocks as a measure of time, BNC dynamically calculates an accurate market bitcoin price for each block in the blockchain.

This is done using BraveNewCoin's Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX). For every block generated on the bitcoin blockchain (since trading began at Mt Gox), a volume weighted average price in USD, for the duration of that block, has been created out of the fine granularity of the BLX. The first block where a USD price was established in the Bitcoin Liquid Index is 68774 (2010-07-17 23:14:35 UTC). Data is refreshed every 10 minutes with any new blocks confirmed outside of the last 2 hours.

B WAP Method B WAP Method 2

The transaction statement generator widget on this page is one example of an application that can be powered by the B-WAP.

Since we now have a fair market price for bitcoin per block, any transaction in any block can be calculated into an accurate USD market value. This allows anybody to quickly generate a statement for any transaction older than 2 hours. We delay publishing a B-WAP price for 2 hours to ensure a linear sequence of blocks.

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Value USD ${{ receipt.input_amount_usd }} USD
Value BTC {{ receipt.input_amount }} BTC
Time {{ receipt.utc_date }}
Block {{ receipt.block }}
B-WAP ${{ receipt.bwap }} USD
TX ID {{ receipt.txid }}
Custom ID {{ receipt.custom_id }}

Check out the B-WAP API

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BNC Cube B Wap API Documentation

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