BNC XRP Liquid Index (XRPLX)

BNC has developed the XRP Liquid Index (XRPLX) to meet the marketplace requirement for a single, reliable and fair USD price for XRP — based on live real-world trading activity. The index is designed to report a market price at which liquidity could enter or exit an XRP position. The XRPLX captures a comprehensive, global sample of liquidity on the highest volume and quality exchanges. Ideal for settlements and accurate spot pricing, the XRPLX API includes 30 second Intra-Day pricing, End-of-Day OHLCV and Time & Volume-Weighted-Averages.

BNC accesses multiple API outputs from each constituent exchange and captures in real time:

  • Time-stamp
  • Individual trade ID
  • Exchange ID
  • Trade Price in USD, EUR or BTC
  • Trade volume (in XRP)
  • Orderbook Depth (both sides)

Methodology & Constituent Exchange Qualifiers

The XRPLX sources data from only the most liquid exchanges by volume and order-book depth. Given that exchanges are third-party organizations operating in a volatile and competitive marketplace, BNC reviews its constituent mix and index methodology every quarter to ensure the quality of its indices.

For a constituent exchange to be included in the XRPLX it must meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • Offer fully automated trading of XRP with volume, depth and consistency of transactions.
  • Charge transaction fees.
  • Provide a stable API with options for on-going, live, full trade data capture.
  • Exhibit a track record of uninterrupted customer deposits/withdrawals.
  • Show compliance with applicable regulations in its operating jurisdiction.
  • Be AML/KYC compliant.
  • Maintain orderly market conditions at all times.
  • Maintain a significant record of liquidity.

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Index Constituents

BNC has set its minimum number of constituents for index compilation at six. This ensures effective data redundancy and uncompromised index quality.

The following exchanges contribute reliable, real-time, public market data to BNC and have met the XRPLX constituency requirements for index entry.


Full Name The Brave New Coin XRP Liquid Index
Symbol XRPLX
Description The XRPLX represents the fair value of Ripple, as based on trade and order book data sourced from the world’s most trusted and liquid trading platforms
Methodology Review Quarterly
Calculation Frequency Every 30 seconds
Launch Date 1st May 2019
Historical Data Full constituency from June 2017. Historical data from November 2014.
Base Currency USD
Precision Level Published with 4 Decimals

Constituents & Trading Pairs

Bitfinex XRP/USD
Bitstamp XRP/USD
Bitstamp XRP/BTC
Kraken XRP/USD
Kraken XRP/BTC

Index Maintenance

Data Filtering

BNC’s XRPLX is constructed using pricing data from actual trades and exchange order books. Real-time trade data is captured, formatted and then scrubbed for outlier transactions. Anomalous transactions are tagged and stored but have no influence over the index calculation. The constituent order books are also sampled, both bid and ask, to establish the depth of liquidity.

Index Calculation

The XRPLX calculates a USD price point for XRP at tick intervals of 30 seconds. After data filtering, the volume weighted price for each constituent is obtained from the set of trades in each tick. The BTC constituents are converted to USD with the rate sourced from BNC’s Bitcoin Liquid Index.

The constituent USD prices are then weighted according to three variables:

  • Moving total trade volume
  • Order book depth
  • Constituent historical performance

This factor weighting ensures the index is responsive to sudden market movements, while also limiting the impact of outlier transactions and market interruption events. The result is a superior index reporting legitimate XRP trading activity globally.

Quarterly Review

While the weightings are adjusted algorithmically, there are a series of qualitative factors that are applied on top of the quantitative method. These are reviewed every three months. The performance of each constituent through the previous period is analysed and ranked. Ranking factors include:

  • Daily average transaction volume
  • Daily average number of trades
  • Daily average order book depth
  • Daily average tick presence

Additional consideration is also given to an exchange’s response to any security breaches and whether it has been subject to any independent audit during the review period.

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