BNC Taxonomy Asset Classifcations

A General Taxonomy For Cryptographic Assets

There is widespread agreement among sector stakeholders that a legitimate framework for the classification of cryptographic assets has become increasingly important. Brave New Coin’s General Taxonomy addresses this need, with a hierarchical classification system that captures the breadth, depth, and evolution of cryptographic assets across industry sectors globally.

General Taxonomy

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  • An introduction to the General Taxonomy for Cryptographic Assets
  • A set of use-cases that provide contextual relevance for the General Taxonomy
  • A demonstration CSV file with 300 cryptographic assets defined by the General Taxonomy hierarchical classifications

We appreciate your feedback so please let us know what you think so we can continue to evolve the Taxonomy as the preferred market reference tool for the Cryptographic Asset industry.


Better decisions, faster.

The General Taxonomy is a global classification standard intended as a tool for investors, regulators, asset managers, researchers and developers to better inform their decision-making by providing consistent quantitative and qualitative data across the entire spectrum of cryptographic assets.

A comprehensive classification framework.

General cryptographic assets are classified by over 60 different metrics, while tokens with a specific market focus are classified under both the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and a proprietary industry classification relating to a token’s fundamental economic features and activity.


Use Cases

An Introduction to the General Taxonomy Use Case Series

This article will use some approaches and additional frameworks to: i) develop an index/basket of crypto assets; and ii) provide a valuation and estimated three-year returns for this basket.

Building Investment Strategies With The General Taxonomy For Cryptographic Assets

The first article in this use-case series, "Building Investment Strategies With The General Taxonomy For Cryptographic Assets", will be devoted to individual and institutional investors.