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Since the genesis of bitcoin in 2009, entrepreneurs & technology leaders have been using Digital Currency and the under-pinning blockchain ledger technology, to disrupt a variety of global markets. 

The investment activity in the Bitcoin & Blockchain industry has been compared to the momentum of the early internet boom. 
BNC tracks M&A and Investment Activity by quarter and year, updated weekly.  

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Data is collected by BNC using opensource tools. 
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Ripple LabsRipple Labs$0.2- Seed

2 October 2012 Jesse Powell, Avant Global

Cumulative: $0.2M Financial Services | San Francisco, US |

CoinbaseCoinbase - $0.6- Seed

1 September 2012 Alexis Ohanian, Y Combinator, Greg Kidd, Garry Tan, FundersClub

Cumulative: $0.6M |Universal | San Francisco, US |

ZenboxZenbox  -/-  Seed

1 May 2011 | RightVentures

Cumulative: $ -/- | Infrastructure | San Francisco, US |

GeilDankeGeilDanke - / - Angel

28 February 2012 Jean-Jacques Origer

Cumulative: -/- Universal | Berlin, Germany |


Gliph $0.03- Seed

3 january 2012 Portland Seed Fund

Cumulative: $0.03M | Financial Services | Portland, US | 

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