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This curated collection of research papers is recommended reading, for those wanting to have a reasonably in-depth understanding of the Bitcoin, Blockchain & the wider Payments & Financial Technology industries mega trends. 

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These are publicly available documents from major corporations, foundations, banks and/or government bodies and all copyrights go to the respective authors/organisations of each paper. If you would like to contribute to our research by suggesting a relevant paper, or to leave feedback, drop us a note on [email protected]Alternatively, you can submit your research here.

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AUSTRAC - Typologies and Case Studies Report 2012

2012 | AUSTRAC

AUSTRAC's 2012 typologies report is the sixth in an annual series of reports produced by the agency.

The 2012 report includes 21 real-life case studies illustrating how legitimate services offered by Australian businesses have been exploited for criminal purposes. By highlighting these past examples of criminal activity, the report educates Australian businesses about their money laundering and terrorism financing risks and helps them recognise and mitigate these risks.

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Virtual Currency Schemes October 2012

October 2012 | ECB

This paper aims to provide some clarity on virtual currencies and tries to address the issue in a
structured approach. 

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