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BNC Pro – solving crypto’s portfolio management problem

7 Oct 2019

While buying crypto has been easy to access, fast, cheap and profitable for many investors, managing, reporting and tracking these profits has been a clear challenge and pain point. That’s why Brave New Coin has created BNC Pro - a new best-in-class portfolio management platform.

Blockchain and cryptographic asset technology is transformative, accessible and exciting. It has offered everyday individuals an opportunity to directly invest in and become a stakeholder in a global technological revolution in ways that have never been possible before.

Beyond this, cryptographic assets have historically offered large alpha yields, making them highly appealing performance boosters that can be used to diversify an investment portfolio. Bitcoin, most participant’s gateway asset into the space, has risen 2,413% in the last five years.

All you need to buy most Top 10 cryptos is an internet connection and a web browser. Exchanges are borderless, open 24/7, and can execute orders more quickly and cheaply than on legacy financial markets. You can also buy a fraction of bitcoin or any other crypto. Only have $100? No problem, just purchase 1.1% of a Bitcoin.

Compare this to buying Apple shares. For a start, you can’t buy a fraction so a single Apple share will cost you around $220. They’re also geographically ring fenced and you’ll have to deal with layers of middlemen like banks, brokers and exchanges – each needing a cut of the transaction fees.

But while buying crypto has been easy to access, fast, cheap and highly profitable for some investors, actually managing these portfolios has been a clear challenge and pain point for many.

This is nothing like online banking

One reason why managing a crypto portfolio is difficult is that it’s so different to what we’re used to. People are accustomed to dealing with their finances through a few simple interconnected applications. Log into your bank account online and you’ll quickly know where you’ve made a bill payment or signed up for a service. Information about ‘how much, when and who to’ is easy to find – and easy to recognize. But with crypto, you’re not dealing with human readable names.

The equivalent to bank accounts in crypto, are addresses that are viewable in hash form. An address like 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2 is not automatically labelled by an intermediary or financial service provider, and other users are required to come up with their own systems to record and manage their network of address contacts.

For traders choosing to withdraw crypto from multiple exchanges (each characterized by indiscernible hash of letters and numbers) to shift it into personal cold storage, it can be easy to get lost. New deposits arrive from unlabelled addresses the first time and likely have to be tediously recorded on the spot. Users ranging from professional desk traders, to casual weekend investors are typically relying on spreadsheets for accounting and asset management.

This leads to an increased chance of human error, inherent challenges tracking down and consolidating information and in general, a frustrating, off-putting personal user experience managing crypto finances.

BNC Pro – an all-in-one crypto solution

BNC Pro is a suite of best in class applications and tools that support cryptocurrency investment and management decisions. BNC Pro’s mission is to build a suite of institutional grade tools that give users a competitive investment advantage. BNC Pro enables better insights, streamlines workflows and reduces the costs of dealing with often clunky, disorganized data.

An overview of the BNC Pro toolset

BNC Pro offers automatic standardizing and integration of crypto asset price data across exchanges and currency pairs, letting traders focus on making market decisions, and not on data organization. The platform comes built with easy to use tools to record margins and transaction costs when making trades or moving crypto across wallets. BNC Pro’s dynamic dashboard means information is presented fluidly, can be easily organized through tags, and is designed to be viewed on multiple devices – meaning decisions can be made more quickly with consistent information.

Its features include:


Portfolios and charting at a glance

User’s trades via all major exchanges are automatically updated to their portfolio – The portfolio view features comprehensive tagging and is filterable – enabling users to easily chart and visualize their strategies.


Asset screener

Opportunities can be analyzed objectively and filtered across a range of fundamental, technical and sentiment data powered by Brave New Coin.

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Real-time newsfeed

The BNC Newsfeed delivers crypto news in near real-time and can be personalized with filters and alerts to help users avoid information overwhelm – and receive only the news that is relevant to their portfolio.


Watchlists & alerts
Users can automate alerts and track their assets and portfolio movements, anywhere, anytime.

The waitlist for BNC Pro is live now (join it here) with an anticipated launch late November this year.


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