Game of Birds Becomes The Second Bitcoin Game To Be Approved For IOS

Mario Cotillard , 02 Jun 2015 - BitcoinGameIos

Game of Birds is the most recent app, that incorporates bitcoin tipping, approved by Apple. Christian Moss released the very first iOS bitcoin game last year in November. Named SaruTobi, the game revolved around a flying monkey that swing from tree to tree and collected coins.

Moss is back again with his newest title, Game of Birds. While launching bombs into hoards of owl-like creatures, players can also collect coins which represent bitcoins. Moss creates games in order to drive Bitcoin adoption.

In an interview with CoinTelegraph Moss explained. “I thought that if a game as viral and as popular as say ‘Flappy Birds’ also sent the players Bitcoin imagine what that would do for Bitcoins image and adoption.”

The coins in Game of Birds can be used to buy in-game perks, or cashed out through a Coinbase wallet for genuine digital currency. But winning the game is not based on the amount of coins you get; you win if you can save a baby chick from an assortment of baddies with bombs.

- Christian Moss, Game of Birds Creator

The original game created by Moss, Sarutobi, received a great response from the digital currency community but faced several problems with staying operational. Apple removed the game from its game store earlier this year, in March, citing violations of its terms of service.

SaruTobi was reinstated a short time later but was taken down once again earlier last month, due to what Moss said were “problems with Apple.” The game is again available on the app store, but its troubles are a testament to digital currency’s shaky standing with app store rules.

Like SaruTobi, Game of Birds features a game wallet which can be emptied into a players’ external wallet, and is proportional to the amount of coins players collect in-game. “The payment feature is simple: the game has its own wallet and the bitcoin that is sent to the users comes from this wallet,” explained Moss.

- Moss

The swinging monkey game Sarutobi ran into trouble paying players, when the in game funds dried up after several months of being live. Moss eventually turned to the community for donations, in order to keep the game alive.

With the broken Sarutobi funding method in mind, Moss has created a different revenue model for Game of Birds, “The game’s wallet balance is supplied by sponsors in exchange for advertising space in the app, more advertising revenue results in more bitcoin that can be sent to the player.”

Moss isn’t the only person developing games about, or incorporating, bitcoin. Bitcoin Billionaire, developed by Noodlecake Studios, is one of the most popular Bitcoin inspired game. While there isn’t too much gameplay, the app has over 85,000 downloads on Android devices, and an unknown amount on iOS.

Bitcoin Billionaire is about a twenty-something who needs more money. He decides to start mining bitcoin on his computer in order to become rich, and maybe a billionaire. The gameplay involves tapping the screen repeatedly, and as fast as you can, to mine the precious digital currency. These bitcoins can be used to buy in-game upgrades and bonuses, but unlike other games, they can’t be cashed into real digital currency.

There also used to be a game called Super Doge, where you mined crypto-currency by tapping the screen. Unlike Bitcoin Billionaire, with this game you receive genuine digital currency - dogecoins - for your troubles. But the app had a very short shelf life as the Google Play Store quickly took it down.