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  • Sunrise from Space

    Three pre-blockchain planetary networks: Visa, DNS, and Sabre/Amadeus

    Trent McConaghy

    “Blockchain technology could change the world!” But how? If an industry gets a single shared source of truth, what happens? If you’re in the blockchain space, you may be working hard to paint a possible picture to answer that. You may be using logic and extrapolation, but wishing that you had something more tangible.

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  • Food Isle

    Alibaba to explore blockchain in fight against counterfeit food

    Luke Parker

    Australia Post recently joined an initiative to combat the rise of counterfeit food being sold across China. The company joins Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba and nutritional supplement maker Blackmores. The project aims to track food from, “paddock to plate.”

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  • Roulette Gambling

    Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and online gaming

    S. Matthew English

    Alongside the Statue of Liberty the iconic yellow cabs of New York City are recognized worldwide as an emblem of the great metropolis. Today these hallmark fixtures of the city are facing an existential crisis and for the city’s residents and visitors alike, it’s a big win.

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  • air blue2

    Sphre securing online services with blockchain technology

    B Holmes

    According to customer identification manager LoginRadius, four out of five people dislike the tedious process of providing personal information for website registration. The Baynard Institute, a web research company based in the UK, reports that 35 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts due account creation requirements, while ITProPortal estimates that we will have over 200 digital accounts to manage by 2020.

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  • London Thames Sunset

    Russians launder billions through British banks

    Chris Skinner

    I recently discovered that there is around $1.6 trillion of money laundering globally and less than 2% is caught by the financial system. That’s a stunning amount and makes you wonder why our system is so awful. Much of it is down to the fact that account openings depend upon physical documentation and human checks. If we could digitalise the whole process, it could be tightened up immensely.

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  • chain links locked13

    Bitcoin sidechain with a bigger block size limit may soon be a reality

    Kyle Torpey

    Bitcoin’s block size debate is seeping into the mainstream press, the Wall Street Journal states that the “bitter split in the developer community behind the virtual currency threatened to literally break it in two.” The article echoes statements made by investors such as Vinny Lingham, the Civic CEO and Gyft co-founder, who states “I’ve been very surprised with the amount of vocal support for a Bitcoin Hard Fork.”

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  • Bitcoin Fork

    Bitcoin exchanges announce contingency plan for hard fork split

    Luke Parker

    Just two days after Gyft founder and Civic CEO Vinny Lingham’s warning about a Bitcoin hard fork devastating bitcoin’s value, 21 different Bitcoin exchanges have clarified their position on Bitcoin Unlimited trading. The exchange coalition stated in a hard fork contingency plan that they will trade any Bitcoin Unlimited cryptocurrency alongside bitcoin.

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  • Data Storage

    Mybit tackles data manipulation, an ‘emerging art of war in cyberspace.’

    B Holmes

    Since the rise of the internet, big data is becoming the bedrock of the economy. Billions of decisions are being made everyday based on data. Not only is it evident that appropriate security measures are not in place, those that do attempt to secure their data pose little deterrence to cyber attackers.

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  • Election

    Blockchain Technology: A potential solution to systemic voter suppression

    Benjamin Siegel

    On February 10th the World Jurist Association hosted a side event at the United Nations, entitled Blockchain: Highway to a Deliberative Democracy. Experts in financial, legal, technical, and philosophical industries came together and presented the different ways that blockchain technology can be leveraged in order to improve Democratic Governance. The audience comprised government officials, academics, and technological leaders. Joseph Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys and a major player in the blockchain space, presented the concept of a decentralized web 3.0 as enabled by blockchain technology, and the ways in which this development is uniquely positioned to aid people in both the developing and developed world through the creation of self sovereign identities.

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  • Programatic approach

    Considering a Pragmatic Approach to Blockchain Implementation

    Henry Hilska

    The current implementations of distributed ledger technology clearly are not the Blockchain that underpins the virtual currency Bitcoin. The tools and platforms such as the offerings from Digital Asset Holdings and R3 Corda are offered as a pragmatic answer to a set of current business, technological and regulatory challenges. By implementing the appropriate use cases, firms can avoid the current challenges exhibited by the Bitcoin example – including scalability, latency and privacy – that make the current public Blockchain model a non-starter for banks.

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