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There are as many uses for market data as there are trading strategies and Apps. Explore some of the ways our products are commonly leveraged to help you stay competitive.

At BNC, we believe that data is never just data, it's the power behind insights. You have specific needs that require the right data, we can help figure out where, when and how you use it.

We believe that there is tremendous value in understanding how you intend to use and access data, which is why we work hard to establish strong partnerships you can count on. Together, we can help you build creative solutions that help you realize efficiencies, mitigate risk and generate alpha.



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Blockchain Assets

Overview: Leverage the power of BNC Data

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Digital Assets

Since the advent of the Bitcoin Blockchain, an entire new Asset-Class has arisen. Digital Assets represent the next frontier of financial instruments, and are traded predominantly on non-conventional exchanges. There are over 100 Trading Platforms, offering over 300 Trading Pairs, across more than 100 key Digital Assets, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the class.

Due to the geographically and technologically disperse nature of Blockchain based assets, BNC has developed a superior data engine to create a full service offering for the entire class of Digital Assets. 


Featured Products


Services Data Feeds FullReal-Time Normalized Direct Feeds

Covering the most liquid exchanges and Assets, this API or FTP solution allows for a range of different file types. 


Services Liquid Full

The Liquid Index Series of Digital Asset Price Indices

Provides historical, intra-day and live index values for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Purpose built for superior price-discovery, bench mark pricing and the settlement of various derivatives. 


Services EOD FullEnd of Day and Historical Data

Covering over 100 Assets, the End-Of-Day solution offers full historic coverage as derived from the BNC Market Data engine.          


Services Blockchain Full

Blockchain Data Feeds

From full network statistics like block-times, hash-rates and real-time money supply, to more complex wealth distribution metrics and analytics, including address tracking and advanced custom blockchain data solutions.


Services Blockchain Full


Market Data delivered via the Blockchain is a new paradigm. Connect to live, End-Of-Day, and historic pricing data by embedding them directly into your smart-contracts via a Blockchain using trusted Oracles


Global Data Redistributors

In addition to direct access, BNC works closely with select global distributors. They provide data content via a range of connectivity options and controlled terminals, so clients can consume market and reference data for Blockchain Assets via their preferred vendors. We maintain a list of approved data vendors licensed to redistribute BNC content.

Contact us for a list of distribution vendors or to arrange direct access


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