BNC’s audience of investors, finance professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, researchers, and traders are amongst the most active in the sector.

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Established in 2014, Brave New Coin is a world leader in crypto and blockchain news, multi-media and research. BNC’s media channels include the Brave New Coin website, newsletters, The Crypto Conversation podcast, the BNC YouTube channel, webinars and social media.

In a space driven by hyperbole and misrepresentation, Brave New Coin stands apart for its legitimate journalism, data-driven research and commitment to ethical standards.

Our channels

The Brave New Coin website

The web’s most trusted source for Crypto & Blockchain data and research.

BNC Website

Banner Advertising

BNC operates a simple CPM model running three standard IAB banner sizes – 728×90 horizontal banners, 160×600 ‘sticky’ skyscrapers – and our website/mobile ads are 300×250. Banners can be geo-targeted so no wasted spend.


Entry campaigns from $150 for 10,000 impressions – contact us for our competitive market rates.

The Crypto Conversation Podcast

Podcast listeners are all ‘opt in’ subscribers – and are passionate about the blockchain and crypto sector.

The Crypto Conversation podcast

The Crypto Conversation podcast receives 40,000 monthly downloads. Average consumption (how much of the show people listen to) per episode is 70%. 30 second ads are available for $75 a show (minimum buy is 8 shows). All advertising features within the first 50% of each show.

Podcast Engagement


Month long sponsorships featuring announcer reads , in-show ads and featured client branding are available for $1800. Once live, shows are not withdrawn and receive ongoing downloads. Contact us to book your guests and campaigns now.

Social Share on BNC’s Twitter Channel

Share your message with Brave New Coin’s 40,000 X/Twitter followers.

Promoted Tweet

Promoted Tweets Receive;

  • A promoted Tweet will be pinned at the top of BNC’s Twitter Feed for 3 days and Tweeted twice to Brave New Coin’s followers in that time.
  • The Tweet will be boosted using Twitter Ads over the 3 days – for an additional 40,000 plus impressions. The Boosted Tweet can be Geographically and Demographically targeted.
  • The promoted Tweet will be exclusive – BNC will promote a maximum of two Twitter campaigns a week.


The price for a promoted Tweet on the Brave New Coin Twitter Channel to BNC’s 41,000 Followers is US$650. Contact us to discuss your campaign now.

Brave New Coin Newsletters

Brave New Coin publishes three weekly newsletters including weekly market forecasts, in-depth articles & research. The dispatch run is 12,500 and the open rate is typically 30%. Inserted backlinked Banner ads are available for $100 per dispatch.

Newsletters Audience

Newsletters are an effective channel for reaching a ‘self selected’ audience who wish to stay informed about blockchain and cryptocurrency products and services. Contact us to discussion insertion options.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles on Brave New Coin are an engaging way to communicate your brand’s message – especially when there is more to explain than can realistically be covered by a banner ad.

Sponsored Article

Sponsored Article Packages Include

  • A client written article of at least 700 – 800 words
  • Articles can include visuals and links to a sponsor’s YouTube videos if required
  • Up to 3 DoFollow Links & Authority Links
  • Articles appear on Brave New Coin’s homepage & standard newsfeed (ie: not separated)
  • Articles are shared on BNC’s social media channels – Twitter (44k followers) and Facebook (6.5k followers)
  • Articles are promoted via the BNC newsletters.


The price for a Sponsored Article is $295Contact us for more details.

Press Releases

A press release on Brave New Coin is the ideal way to quickly communicate important brand events.

Press Release

Press Release Packages Include

  • A client written Press Release of at least 700 – 800 words & no more than 1000 words
  • Press Releases can include visuals if required
  • 2 DoFollow Links
  • Press Releases appear on the Brave New Coin homepage


The price for a Press Release is $195Contact us for more details.


Want to promote your brand to a discerning and engaged crypto audience?

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About our audience

BNC’s audience are amongst the most astute and engaged in the sector – with an average on-page reading time of 3:28 minutes for BNC’s data & charts pages – and 2:28 for insights & news.

Website Engagement
Website Devices

Audience demographic & reach

User Age & Interests
BNC User
BNC Global Users
U.S – 34%
India – 7.3%
U.K – 5.8%
Canada – 3.2%
Germany – 3.1%>
Australia – 3.0%
Netherlands – 2.6%
Turkey – 1.9%
Russia – 1.7%
Vietnam – 1.6%
BNC Users Map

* Source: Google Analytics


Want to promote your brand to a discerning and engaged crypto audience?

* BNC reserves the right to decline any advertising it considers inappropriate.