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BITFLEX Launched Rewards Hub System Worth $68,888!

28 Dec 2023

BITFLEX, a start-up exchange that stands at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry, has launched its unique Rewards Hub System featuring a special edition of Christmas Flex Shop and Vouchers Shop with promising overall rewards up to $68,888.

With the introduction of Rewards Hub System that took its launch on December 11th,2023 — BITFLEX emerges as a game-changer with a suite of advanced features and user-friendly interfaces of the launched platform.

Unlike the typical and traditional hub, BITFLEX introduces the evergreen, non-expiry point system called Flex Points to grant traders the freedom to accumulate and utilise them at their preferred pace.

As BITFLEX’s Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Ee mentioned,“We crafted this Rewards Hub System with BITFLEXERS in mind. It’s something that we believe is the most advantageous product for our users on the platform. Recognizing and rewarding every interaction on BITFLEX has always been our intention. Now, users can embrace these rewards to the fullest.”

BITFLEX’s Flex Shop is the core of the Rewards Hub System, crafted to express gratitude to traders by allowing them to redeem real-life physical items through the accumulation of Flex Points. From the latest technology gadgets to high-end accessories, there’s something for everyone in the Flex Shop. The prizes include iPhone 15 Pro Max, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Gucci Savoy Large Duffle Bag, and many more.

As the Christmas season approaches, now is the perfect time for BITFLEXERS to trade and transform their points into prizes. Specifically designed for the festive season, users can express their desired items that have yet to be listed and make their wishes come true through the Wish of the Month, available exclusively in January. BITFLEX has unveiled the ‘Jingle & Raffle’ event in December as well, with Apple Watch Series 9 up for grabs to elevate the holiday spirit among users.

Not limited to the Flex Shop, traders can enhance their benefits through the Voucher Shop, utilising Flex Points to access a range of valuable vouchers, including Coin Voucher, Trading Fee Voucher, VIP Voucher, and Point Booster Voucher. For more information on the voucher types and variation, sign in to your BITFLEX account and visit the Voucher Shop.

More exciting things to come as users can anticipate being a part of an exciting adventure of Gamified Events and Marketplace in Phase 2. These soon-to-be-launched projects showcase BITFLEX’s commitment to providing versatile reward options on its platform.

In addition to the comprehensive Rewards Hub System, VVIP traders can anticipate an exclusive campaign offering a $20,000 bonus. Tailored for traders with ambitious goals, this curated event ensures they capitalise on this lucrative opportunity.

BITFLEX also extends a warm welcome to new traders with a generous starting point of 1000 USDT in a special Welcome Pack Bonus. Further details on the Welcome Pack Bonus will be provided upon its imminent launch. This initiative underscores the platform’s commitment to inclusivity and support for traders.

The initiative to support traders across all experience levels proves the platform’s commitment to inclusivity, fostering a diverse and accessible environment where individuals of varying expertise can thrive with confidence.

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