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Decrypting Money – A Comprehensive Introduction to Bitcoin

12 Oct 2023, 00:00

Dr. Marco Krohn and Dr. Anthony Jefferies are co-authors of a new book - Decrypting Money - A Comprehensive Introduction to Bitcoin. The book provides a high-level overview of Bitcoin's properties, decentralization, mining, and its role in the larger context of money.

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In Decrypting Money, cryptocurrency experts Marco Krohn, Anthony Jefferies, Marco Streng, and Zoran Balkic pull back the curtain on the world of public ledgers, decentralization, mining, blockchains, and private keys.

On the podcast, the authors discuss the historical context of Bitcoin and its relevance in today’s financial landscape. They highlight the recurring issue of centralized control over money supply throughout history and how Bitcoin offers a decentralized alternative. The authors express optimism about Bitcoin’s progress, acknowledging its adoption and integration into conventional financial markets while recognizing that it is still not widely accepted as a medium of exchange. They also discuss the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, emphasizing that making concrete predictions about its impact is difficult but expressing confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term value as an asset class.

The book is published under a Creative Commons license, allowing people to distribute copies freely. The authors are long-time Bitcoiners and believe spreading knowledge about Bitcoin and decentralized systems is important.

Listen to the podcast to learn how to win a copy of the book!

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