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Arrow Markets – The Options Protocol on Avalanche

Edward Mehrez is Co-Founder at Arrow Markets, a hybrid options protocol built on the Avalanche Blockchain

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Arrow Markets is a hybrid options protocol built on the Avalanche Blockchain.

In the traditional options market, options must be sold by a writer who receives the premium from the buyer and is responsible for paying the buyer if the option is exercised in the money. As an options protocol on Avalanche, Arrow Markets gives users the ability to buy options without the need to be matched by a middle-man. Arrow will facilitate the creation and settlement of options on popular underlying assets such as AVAX, ETH, and BTC.

The name Arrow Markets is a nod to Nobel laureate economist Kenneth Arrow, who showed that options contracts form a basis for prices and payoffs of financial assets. Options make it possible to construct a wide variety of derivatives and structured products, by forming specific portfolios.

Arrow Markets brings a new paradigm to options trading on Avalanche, combining centralized efficiency and on-chain transparency. The RFQ (Request for Quote) enables traders to request quotes from multiple market makers with a single click, providing a simpler, faster, and more secure trading experience.

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