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BNC Weekly Bitcoin Blockchain Statistics 22nd October 2018

Brave New Coin's weekly bitcoin blockchain statistics for the week of: October 15th - 22nd, 2018

BNC Weekly Bitcoin Blockchain Statistics 22nd October 2018

Our weekly Bitcoin and Blockchain Statistics Infographic is based on 7 key metrics over the past 7 days:


Transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain ledger:

  • TX: 1,731,876

Miners revenue

  • USD: $81,989,170
  • 7 day change: 3.66%

Average price of the week (Bitcoin Liquid Index):

  • USD: $6,520.65
  • 7 day change: 2.22%

The amount of Bitcoin transacted across the blockchain

  • TX in BTC: 879,217k
  • USD: $5.73B
  • 7 day change: 24.38%

Average blockchain transaction

  • USD: $3,310.32
  • 7 day change: 21.82%

New Bitcoin created

  • New money supply: 12,450
  • USD value: $81.18M
  • 7 day change: 1.33%

Velocity of money for the week

  • Ratio: 0.0507
  • 7 day change: 24.28%



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