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Coinkite Launches Direct-To-Wallet, Private, e-commerce Payment Buttons

Leading business wallet platform Coinkite announces new e-commerce buttons making bitcoin wallets easier than ever to integrate into businesses, and with more privacy, too.

Bitcoin wallet platform Coinkite beefs up it’s offering today with a novel new function that gives all bitcoin wallet holders a super-simple e-commerce solution. This “buy now” button can be easily placed on websites, and then it routes all payments back into their Coinkite wallets.

The button appears to be an ideal solution for donations too, abecause addresses are rotated and preserved. This function is typically found in enterprise-level wallets, giving both a privacy and an accounting advantage.

Perhaps most impressively, Coinkite users can accept these payments with a strong degree of privacy because it does not require javascript nor cookies, and the button can even send payment through the TOR privacy network.

Since it was already possible to get free Coinkite wallets anonymously, this would allow merchants who value their privacy to sell items for bitcoin very easily. The buttons can be used to sell almost anything to anyone, anywhere online. While traditional payment systems and existing bitcoin payment solutions are typically heavy-handed when it comes to such matters, two-year old Coinkite has so far always allowed its users complete anonymity and the full responsibility that goes with that freedom.

Peter Gray, Coinkite CTO and founder stated recently that Coinkite’s goal was to “create something empowering, like Craigslist.”

“They get privacy, and always have. Now anyone can collect a few bitcoins online in exchange for goods or services using Coinkite."
— – Peter Gray, Coinkite CTO

Toronto startup Coinkite entered the bitcoin wallet space early in 2013 and has built one of the largest business platforms for bitcoin wallets. With three levels of service, including a free one, they offer many innovative features for a wallet services company, including point-of-sale terminals for businesses, a debit card, optional pseudonymous “nyms” with profile pages, TOR support, full HSM hardware servers, and multi-signature wallets, all for free.

Their developer API also makes it easy for Coinkite to be integrated into other services and applications.

The pay button is feature rich too, just like the company. First of all, it’s very simple to make a button, customize it, and embed it into your website with a plain HTML link.

Your prices can be shown in either bitcoin or your local currency, displaying your payment address by QR Code, bitcoin URL, or Coinkite account. Webhooks can then send buyers to your website for product delivery when an order is completed, if desired. Don’t have a website? Another checkout option they offer is to send your buyers to a hosted payment page on, or gcvqzacplu4veul4.onion if using TOR.

You can further customize your landing page on with your “nym”, in case you are running an anonymous shop of some kind. If you combine this with the ShapeShift button you can choose to accept altcoins directly into your Coinkite account, exchanged to bitcoin on the fly.

The options for choosing your level of user privacy are also comprehensive. You have the option to collect a client’s refund address, shipping information and even email address.

Perhaps the most welcome business option is that you’ll have the ability to automatically split your income from each sale into separate wallets, at your pre-set percentages. You can then send them to the bitcoin exchange of your choice, to convert that portion into fiat using coinkites Forward feature. This gives you the power to automatically save a percentage of every sale in bitcoin while cashing the rest out for the fiat cashflow you need, all hands-free.

The option to use TOR with these buttons won’t come as a surprise, to existing Coinkite customers, as using the wallet itself over TOR was already an option. However, it does take some careful planning to use TOR with these buttons properly.

Payment buttons are certainly nothing new, having been pioneered by PayPal in the mid 2000’s. However, Coinkite’s twist of having your payment button pay into a bitcoin address gives the e-commerce world a big new toy to play with, that may turn out to spur bitcoin growth.


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