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EverdreamSoft Launches Blockchain-Based Trading Cards

The introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 started a revolution in personal finance but its underlying technology, the blockchain, has been praised and endorsed by many as the true innovation. In the last couple of years the blockchain has inspired a myriad of companies and ideas to flourish.

EverdreamSoft is the Swiss based game company who has successfully connected their trading card game Moonga (iOS & Android) to the blockchain and will be introducing a series of special blockchain-based trading cards for it and their upcoming game Spells of Genesis (SoG). They plan to hold a crowdsale of BitCrystals, the in-game cryptocurrency, to raise funds for new games.

Internet game companies turn to the blockchain

EverdreamSoft’s first game, Moonga, has over 250,000 downloads and is also the first game ever to use the Bitcoin blockchain within its game economy.

Moonga has joined the smart property trend by placing cards on the Bitcoin blockchain through the Counterparty protocol. When you trade a card with another player, you are doing so using a Bitcoin transaction. This allows for a wide range of opportunities.

For instance you could buy and sell trading cards on the blockchain for BitCrystals, which will be required to purchase booster packs with the arrival of Spells of Genesis. You will also be able to use the “spells” (cards) in both games, making them a true digital asset with the same properties as their physical counterparts.

“At EverdreamSoft we love games and innovation. We love to create interfaces and products that people enjoy. We are convinced the blockchain will be the next huge innovation, like the Internet was, so we have become both a cryptocurrency company and a game company. Since there are Internet game companies, there are going to be blockchain-based game companies.”
— – Shaban Shaame, EverdreamSoft CEO and Founder

SoG takes place in the Moonga universe, but the game is completely different. SoG is an arcade RPG while Moonga is pure strategy, SoG is more casual with an arcade feeling. With SoG EverdreamSoft is targeting the bigger market of more casual gamers.

Blockchain-based trading cards

EverdreamSoft in collaboration with some well known Bitcoin 2.0 projects has come up with the idea of having unique, limited edition trading cards with special powers dedicated to these projects. “By tapping into each project’s community we hope to increase the popularity of our games as well as getting players to support their favourite teams by using their relative spells”, added Shaban.

The blockchain-based trading cards include:

FDCARD – “The healing formula”

In collaboration with: FoldingCoin
Counterparty Asset:

Units: 300 Max

Purchase only with: [FoldingCoin (FLDC)

]( FDCARD, playable as “The Healing Formula” is a rare trading card with 300 units available which can only be obtained with FoldingCoin (FLDC).

FLDC is given to people that contribute to Folding@home, a long running project from a team at Stanford University. Contributors use spare CPU or GPU to simulate complex protein folding, helping to find new medicines and cures for some of the worst diseases faced by man.

Exclusively designed for FoldingCoin, The FDCARD could initially only be acquired by folding. By doing this, EverdreamSoft hopes to assist in the computational development of medicines by encouraging its players to start folding.

"One big struggle with FoldingCoin adoption is currently a lack of incentive for one to join in helping cure diseases. By introducing promotional distributions of exciting Counterparty projects like SoG we are able to attract new audiences to partake. With FDCARD being exclusively earned via the folding mechanism, and one of the first ways in which one could earn BitCrystals, FoldingCoin became more known in the gaming communities."
— – Robert Ross, Folding Coin Director and Founder

SJCXCARD – “Storj Library”

In collaboration with:

Counterparty Asset:

Units: 1000 Max

Purchase only with: Storjcoin X (SJCX)

The SJCXCARD, playable as “Storj Library” is also a rare trading card with just 1000 units available, which can only be obtained with Storjcoin X (SJCX). Exclusively designed for Storj, a cloud storage platform that can’t be censored or monitored, or have downtime. Storj is a platform, cryptocurrency, and suite of decentralized applications that allows users to store data in a secure and decentralized manner.

“We are looking forward to this collaboration with EverdremSoft, we are open to cooperate with other projects in the space and a trading card game based on blockchain technology is an interesting and original idea, a good opportunity to promote Storj to a broader audience."
— – Shawn Wilkinson, Storj Lead Developer and Founder

GEMZCARD – “Precious Gemz Box”

In collaboration with:

Counterparty Asset:

Units: 1000 Max

Purchase only with: GEMZ

The GEMZCARD, playable as “Precious Gemz Box” is yet another rare trading card with just 1000 units available which can only be obtained using GEMZ. Exclusively designed for GetGems, a social messaging app making it easy for millions of people to adopt bitcoin. EverdreamSoft hopes to support the development of the GetGems Social Messaging and Wallet App.

“We are excited by how fast the Bitcoin 2.0 space is growing. When EverdreamSoft offered us the opportunity to collaborate by creating a GEMZCARD we felt it was a unique and fun way for GetGems to expand its reach to the gaming community.”
— – Daniel Peled, GetGems CEO and Founder

The cards will be available on the Counterwallet DEX, players will be able to trade them directly with each other. Because the cards are available in limited quantity there is a potential for them to become more valuable when demand exceeds offer.

EverdreamSoft themselves saw some of the Moonga trading cards being sold for over US$  1,000 between its players in the past. They will be on sale with a model where cards will increase in price as more get sold, so early buyers will benefit more than later ones.

Connecting Moonga to the Blockchain

The video above shows how to set up a Counterwallet, connect it to your Moonga account and send an FDCARD to your Moonga deck, if you’d like to find out how it works. The same method applies to any other EverdreamSoft card available on Counterwallet.

Future plans

More special packs and blockchain-based cards are in the works and will involve more promising Bitcoin 2.0 projects.

Additionally, Shaban mentioned the potential launch of a game tournament involving “wars” between various projects and communities with their dedicated trading cards. With so many Bitcoin 2.0 startups out there, some may be interested in having their own cards made. Imagine a game where different crypto communities fight against each other with their own spells and booster packs…the possibilities are endless.


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