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Flash Loans – Mapping the esoteric landscape of DeFi

24 Feb 2020, 00:00

Andy talks with self-described ‘flash loans maximalist’ Stani Kulechov, founder and CEO of the Aave Protocol. We explore the exotic and esoteric landscape of Decentralized Finance. Against the backdrop of the recent DeFi exploits, we discuss the new flash loan innovation that allows traders to take out a loan without collateral by paying back the loan in the same smart contract transaction.

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Stani Kulechov

Why you should listen:

Ethereum developers and the DeFi community see the emerging decentralized finance model as a genuine alternative to the legacy financial system. Listen as Stani explains his vision for the Aave protocol and the use cases for flash loans. DeFi is still in a nascent stage and exploits are an inevitable part of the growth cycle as the technology matures. These events are necessary to strengthen the system before it is ready for mainstream use.

Key takeaway:

Decentralization is a journey, not a destination. DeFi may be the decentralized, accessible, immutable financial system of the future, however, the technology is new and still in the experimental stage. The current smart contract attack surface remains open to exploits.

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