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Flux – Web3 Cloud Infrastructure

Davy Wittock leads the Flux Business Development team. Flux is a decentralized Web3 cloud infrastructure comprised of user-operated, scalable and globally distributed computational nodes.

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Flux is a decentralized cloud infrastructure designed to provide scalable and reliable services for blockchain applications and other web services. Built to address the growing need for decentralized computing resources, Flux offers a robust platform that enables developers to deploy, manage, and scale applications across a network of nodes.

This infrastructure is powered by the FluxOS, an operating system that manages node operations and resource allocation efficiently. By utilizing FluxOS, developers can deploy Dockerized applications, which are easily scalable and highly resilient to failures.

One of the key features of Flux is its incentivized node operation model. Node operators are rewarded with FLUX tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the platform, for contributing computational resources to the network. This incentivization ensures a robust and reliable network of nodes, promoting decentralization and reducing the risk of single points of failure.

Flux also supports interoperability with other blockchains, making it a versatile choice for developers. The platform’s flexible architecture and comprehensive toolset empower developers to create innovative applications without being constrained by traditional cloud infrastructure limitations.

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