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3105, 2024

Shardeum – Web3 for Humans

|31 May 2024|Podcasts|

Kelsey McGuire is the Chief Growth Officer at Shardeum, the world’s first EVM-based L1 blockchain which uses dynamic state sharding to increase TPS with every new node. Or as Shardeum describe themselves, Web3 for Humans.

1705, 2024

Sui – Web3 with the ease of Web2

|17 May 2024|Podcasts|

Greg Siourounis is the managing director of the Sui Foundation, advancing and supporting Sui, the layer 1 blockchain designed to make Web3 fast, private, secure, and accessible to everyone.

105, 2024

Dopamine – The SuperApp For Crypto

|1 May 2024|Podcasts|

Karim Chaib is the founder of Dopamine a "superApp" for crypto. In an era where human attention drives software revenue, 'Dopamine' stands as your tokenized web3 software license, powering businesses and Super Apps with Web 3 Code, AI, Big Data, and Compliance.

1604, 2024

U-topia – Web3 IP

|16 Apr 2024|Podcasts|

Emmanuel Quezada is the CEO & Co-Founder of U-topia, a Web3 entertainment company innovating with IP Licensing in GameFi, AI Music, and Video Entertainment, backed by NFT provenance. 

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