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902, 2024

Arcanum Capital – Early Investments in Web3

|9 Feb 2024, 10:38|Podcasts|

James McDowall is the founding partner of Arcanum Capital, a venture capital firm focused on supporting enterprising and forward-thinking teams that are establishing decentralized networks and applications for the global blockchain ecosystem.

702, 2024

Conflux Network -The Hybrid Blockchain Without Barriers

|7 Feb 2024, 10:38|Podcasts|

Dr. Fan Long is the co-founder of Conflux Network, a PoW/PoS Hybrid Blockchain. Dr. Fan Long graduated from Tsinghua University Yao Class, and he holds Ph.D of Computer Science from MIT. His research interests include systems security, programming languages, and blockchain.

102, 2024

Subsquid Network – The Web3 Data Lake

|1 Feb 2024, 14:34|Podcasts|

Dr. Dmitry Zhelezov is the Co-Founder and CEO and Marcel Fohrmann is the Co-Founder and CFO of Subsquid, a decentralized data lake and query engine that offers developers permissionless, cost-efficient access to on-chain data from over 100 chains and is integrated into a large ecosystem of Web2- and Web3-native developer tools.

1201, 2024

Crown Token – Taking IPs to the Metaverse

|12 Jan 2024, 10:11|Podcasts|

Pan Lorattawut is the CEO of VUCA Digital, the blockchain consulting firm behind the CROWN Token Project. Prior to VUCA Digital, Pan was Senior VP at Meketa Investment Group, a full-service investment consulting and advisory firm with $1.4 trillion-plus in assets under advisement in the United States.

1212, 2023

Cartesi – Building Next-Gen Apps

|12 Dec 2023, 10:26|Podcasts|

Gabriel Barros is a Developer Advocate at Cartesi, an app-specific rollup protocol with a virtual machine that runs Linux distributions. At Cartesi, he delivered its Proof of Stake pool staking system, and now is working on Developer Relations, fostering the ecosystem of Cartesian developers.

1112, 2023

Moonbeam – Build Apps that Connect Across Chains

|11 Dec 2023, 16:45|Podcasts|

Derek Yoo is CEO at Moonsong Labs, an innovation lab facilitating the development of next-generation protocols and software infrastructure in Web3. Moonbeam is a platform for cross-chain connected applications that unites assets and functionality from many blockchains.

812, 2023

Portal Foundation – Web3 Gaming For Everyone

|8 Dec 2023, 07:26|Podcasts|

Dan Keene is the Chief Business Officer and on the Founding Team of Portal Foundation. Portal is the universal gaming ecosystem, powered by $Portal. Through market-leading tech products and a world-class network, Portal is bringing blockchain gaming to mainstream audiences.

112, 2023

Bitget – Crypto Catalysts for 2024

|1 Dec 2023, 08:09|Podcasts|

Gracy Chen is MD at Bitget, a leading crypto copy trading and cryptocurrency exchange platform. Bitget’s mission is to inspire individuals to embrace crypto and connect with the future.

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