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Four Bitcoin Industry Digital Assets With Market Values North Of $1.5m US

Bitcoin's Market Cap is derived from it's price and the number in circulation. There are many other crypto assets and currencies that have market caps north of US$1.5m, here are four of the best.

Bitcoin’s Market Cap is the current price multiplied by the number of coins in circulation. There are many other crypto assets and currencies.

Some of these power a platform or project, they are the fuel that drive them. Investments in these projects are often reflected by the market cap. Four of the gibbest have a combined market cap value of US$15,972,758. By comparison the BNC liquid index shows that bitcoin (BTC) has a market cap of US$3,388,370,563.

SafeCoin (MAID): Current Market Cap US$10,514,698

MaidSafe is the acronym for Massive Array of Internet Disks – Secure Access For Everyone. It is an open-source program that endeavours to enable a decentralized internet platform. Data is stored and distributed by a network of internet-connected computers, the SAFE Network. The company handles hard disk allocation and communication in the peer-peer network, whilst ensuring redundancy if a computer goes offline. The data which is stored on the network is either encrypted or signed cryptographically by MaidSafe-connected applications, also known as clients. The network itself will not be able to decrypt any of the data. SafeCoin is used to store information on the network, and pays for providing the storage space to the network.

 NuShares (NSR): Current Market Cap US$1,951,383

NuShares are units which are held by individuals wishing to support and maintain the Nu network. NuShares are network equity for developers, entrepreneurs, and speculators. NuShareholders are able to receive network revenues in the form of Peercoin dividends, which are paid out by a custodian. NuShareholders have the ability to cast votes for actions which will positively affect the Nu network. These actions help adjust the supply and demand for NuBits so that they will remain at a long-term US$1.00 value. The voting includes Custodian votes, Park Rate votes, Motion votes and Transaction Fees. Each time a block is minted, NuShareholders will be able to vote on these different network actions. Their vote, set in the client, will be recorded into the blockchain.

[SuperNET (SUPER): Current Market Cap US$1,555,052]

[SuperNET] is a movement of volunteer participants who will donate their time and money to support a radical new cryptocurrency initiative. The idea behind SuperNET is simple but powerful: to create a mutually beneficial network of coins that offer real innovation. It will take the form of a basket of key cryptocurrencies and revenue generating services. SuperNET plans to achieve its aims by acquiring a significant (10 percent market cap) stake in participating coins with promising technology, adding further value by cross-marketing their features and providing additional services.

[Gems (GEMZ): Current Market Cap US$1,951,625]

[] Gems is the token for GetGems, an instant messaging app and a Bitcoin and Gems wallet, with a focus on speed and security. With GetGems, the user is able to send messages, photos, videos and files of any type such as doc, zip, mp3, etc, as well as create groups for up to 200 people. GetGems is for everyone who wants fast and reliable messaging, in combination with a secure and fast Bitcoin wallet. For those into pictures, GetGems has animated gif search, a state of the art photo editor and an open sticker platform. There are also advanced settings for those who desire additional privacy and those who want secrecy there are device-specific Secret Chats with self-destructing messages, photos and videos.

[]("Gems Price Index")


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