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GameCredits launches the TurboCharged ‘Tokyo Grand Prix’

GameCredits is about to launch a 21 day ‘Tokyo Grand Prix’ for their TurboCharged title. The prizes on offer are in GMC, a digital currency designed to ‘revolutionize in-game purchases’

tokyo Grand Prix

Following up on the release of their first blockchain-based title, TurboCharged on September 3rd 2015, the GameCredits Foundation team has been hard at work to enhance their products.

GameCredits’ primary initiative consists of developing a digital currency-driven gaming platform, focused on providing an elegant, secure, and robust system to replace existing in-game purchasing options and mechanisms.

Headquartered in Sisek, Croatia the team is composed of six core members from a range of countries, including Serbia, the United States and Belgium, and each one is involved in the decision making process. “Such a coherent team ensures the stability and continued focus on the currency future,” states the Foundation.

GameCredits (GMC) is the coin powering the project, and is being described by the team as a “new and exciting gaming currency that will revolutionize in-game purchases and bring developers a monetization based on fair-play rules.”

Since Brave New Coin first covered GMC the coin has been accepted on Coinpayments, Key4Coin, Hosting385 and CryptoGames. It is also supported on Poloniex, Bittrex, Cryptsy, Cryptopia and C-CEX. The Scrypt algorithm cryptocurrency has a max supply of 84,000,000. At the time of writing the available supply is 50,908,962, with a market cap of US$921,264.

toky grand prix car

The foundation’s newest endeavor is a tournament, opening for registration on December 1st, and scheduled to start on December 15th. The Tokyo Grand Prix (TGP) is a 21 day long TurboCharged tournament, promoting redesigned visuals and an enhanced driving experience.

“Gamecredits has combined part of the global movement to update our monetary system with bringing the ease of gaming to a wider audience.”
— – Ivica Simatovic, GameCredits Business Strategy Manager

The TGP track was designed to test racers skills and resilience as they battle for 1st place.

It will be a point A to point B race, with a limited number of attempts per user. Players will be provided with the opportunity to earn additional races by tweeting their race result after each round, or they can purchase extra attempts using GMC.

There will be only one car available and no upgrades, so all the players will compete on equal terms. All TGP competitors will be able to track their progress throughout the event.

“The Tokyo Grand Prix will have mechanics that will motivate players to drive more and more to win the prizes. We have about 10,000 registered TurboCharged users with more than a million races played so far.”
— – Victor Alejandro, GameCredits Project Manager

Cash Prizes will be awarded to the top three racers as follows:

  • 15,000 GMC for 1st
  • 5,000 GMC for 2nd
  • 1,000 GMC for 3rd

The GameCredits team has also been working on their web wallet, which is being redesigned from the ground up using security focused coding languages like Python and Django. From the screenshots provided to Brave New Coin, we can tell that its interface offers an improved, user friendly environment to store, purchase and transfer GMC.

GMC Wallet

The new web wallet is expected to replace the previous version on December 1st. According to the team, if you hold an account on the old wallet you should be able to just transfer the funds to a new address on the new account. Options to import an old wallet/account over will also be available. The GMC QT Wallet App available for Windows, Linux and Mac will not change.

To make it easy for gamers who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency the new web wallet integrates PayPal®. There are also plans for later versions of the wallet to include additional payment options, based on user feedback, such as Bitcoin, Skrill®, Payoneer®, Zaypay® and even Visa.

Security has also been enhanced, with the introduction of Two Factor Authentication, which should be a welcome addition for any user, considering they are storing valuable assets.

The new wallet provides guidelines for the end-user to ensure they maintain acceptable online awareness, and a smart password generator for increased ease of use. Additionally, the team is working on a smart algorithm to monitor user activity and prevent fraud.

"Our team is rather small but consists of highly motivated and diligent people,” Guček explained in an interview. “Bringing GMC out of the crypto world and ensuring its penetration into the worldwide gaming industry takes some flanking and you can be sure we’re not just gonna mail it in."

On the Poloniex exchange current daily volume is less than a BTC, but we can see that when it was first added in 2014 GMC traded at 0.00000330 BTC and is now being traded at 0.00004975 BTC. On August 28th, 2015 GMC reached it’s all time high of 0.000195 BTC.

GMC price

We should expect the next GameCredits Foundation videogame title around January next year. Victor Alejandro also mentioned to Brave New Coin the team is preparing another big project sometime in June 2016.


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