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How the BNC Newsfeed cuts through the noise

Information flow in today’s crypto economy is fragmented, fallible and flawed. Market participants who are able to assemble, curate and filter this data can gain an edge. This article explains how the BNC Pro Newsfeed can perform this service.

In a market driven by volatility, emotion, and uncertain narratives – crypto traders with access to a human-curated, live news feed can build an information edge over traders without access to the same data flow.

In today’s fast paced social media driven world the virality of news narratives spreads quickly. In inefficient markets, news has the potential to have an extreme impact on price. Those traders with access to new information and the ability to determine the accuracy of this information have a unique advantage.

Crypto, the perfect market for imperfect information

As a new, emerging and inefficient market, there are informational arbitrage opportunities in crypto. The theory of efficient markets suggests that with perfect symmetry and complete information available in markets it is difficult to make a profit. This is not an accurate description of the stock market and certainly not an accurate description of the crypto markets.

The crypto markets have been described as a perfect environment for narrative-fuelled price bubbles due to:

  1. Lack of relevant historical data to form valuations
  2. Conditions that attract unsophisticated retail investors
  3. A lack of regulation
  4. Relative strength of narratives to grab attention in an opportunity rich investment environment

A market can be thought of as the aggregation of the information held by market participants and expressed as the value of the assets in the market. The crypto market is an example of a market where participants have uneven access to imperfect information.

There are many reasons for this – the fractured crypto news landscape consists of thousands of different websites few of which have significant reach and many are of suspect quality.

The BNC Newsfeed

At present, the crypto asset industry lacks an all-in-one portfolio management tool capable of navigating the fragmented landscape. That’s why Brave New Coin created BNC Pro – a best-in-class portfolio management solution that integrates a user’s portfolio and trading data with a suite of institutional-grade data, analysis and research tools.

BNC Pro operates on a freemium model. Anyone can sign up to the platform and a range of portfolio features are free to use at launch. Access to premium features such as the BNC Pro newsfeed is unlocked using the BNC Token. The token acts as a digital software license that enables pay-as-you-go micro-transactions so the user only pays for what they use.

The BNC Pro Newsfeed is a human-curated stream of news and events from websites to whitepapers for over 5,000 digital assets. The human curators sift through millions of news posts and curate less than 1% into our authoritative feed, which rates news events according to whether they are positive, negative or neutral.


The BNC Pro newsfeed

We believe that human curation is more accurate than the machine learning algorithms used by most other newsfeed services. While natural language processing (NLP) algorithms will play a role in the future and help gauge sentiment and the impact of events in crypto markets, the sample data on most crypto assets is still too small for accurate modeling. Human discretion leads to better information filtering and that is why it is one of the premium features in BNC Pro.

The BNC Pro Newsfeed can be easily incorporated into a trading strategy. For example, certain keywords and events carry a higher probability of affecting the price positively or negatively – and they can be tracked accordingly. Subscribers to our API enterprise licence have unabridged access to a live feed of content with unlimited API calls and customizations possible based on call preferences with the option of raw data for custom applications.

The entire system, including the API, was designed to be scalable, low-latency, and able to serve the demanding requirements of institutional and commercial users.

This is just one of many premium features available to traders in BNC Pro – its waitlist is live now (join it here).


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