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711, 2019

How BNC Pro disrupts the SaaS model

|7 Nov 2019|News|

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model is a way to create recurring income for its creators and developers. The BNC Token disrupts this model by acting as a digital software license that enables pay-as-you-go microtransactions in the BNC Pro portfolio platform.

611, 2019

BNC Pro – Building a window to the crypto ecosystem

|6 Nov 2019|News|

For crypto to succeed, the user experience must improve. Here, Yve Bourke (Head of BNC Pro) and George Rosier (Product & UX Manager) discuss the crypto user experience and how they’ve optimized this in the new BNC Pro portfolio management platform.

2710, 2019

BNC Pro – The ‘Agile’ advantage

|27 Oct 2019|News|

‘Agile’ refers to self managing teams tasked with developing disruptive software. The agile process is seen as a solution to software development bottlenecks. This article provides a high level overview of the agile development framework and explains how Brave New Coin is implementing it within the BNC Pro roadmap.

2510, 2019

How the BNC Newsfeed cuts through the noise

|25 Oct 2019|News|

Information flow in today’s crypto economy is fragmented, fallible and flawed. Market participants who are able to assemble, curate and filter this data can gain an edge. This article explains how the BNC Pro Newsfeed can perform this service.

910, 2019

Smartdrops: an evolution in public token distribution

|9 Oct 2019|News|

A Smartdrop is a form of public token distribution designed to increase product understanding and user growth through participation. BNC Pro is a new portfolio management platform that unlocks Brave New Coin’s powerful suite of institutional-grade research, data and analysis tools. It launches with a Smartdrop incentive program that rewards early adopters.

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