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IQN token is up 180% in 12 months! Here’s why it’s worth your attention

The market capitalization of altcoins has jumped by 420% over the past four months from $222 billion to $1.16 trillion. Much of this performance has been driven by interest in Doge, DeFi and NFTs - but gaming tokens are also showing solid growth.

One of the leading gaming related tokens is IQeon (IQN), the price of which has more than doubled since June 2020. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for this rapid growth.

Annual growth is 180% – what’s the reason for the demand?

Amid the current surge in the cryptocurrency market, the IQN token has grown exponentially in 2021, skyrocketing by almost 180%. At the same time, according to the three-month metric, the asset is still in the green zone and is steadily increasing 25–30% every 90 days.IQN CoinMarketCap PriceThe IQN token has delivered impressive growth in the last 12 months. Source: CoinMarketCap

One reason is that IQN has been actively listing on popular crypto exchanges. By the end of 2020, IQN was listed on three large major exchanges – the British EXMO platform, Singapore’s BitForex exchange, and one of the oldest exchanges, HitBTC which offers the popular IQN/BTC, IQN/ETH, and IQN/USDT trading pairs.

These exchanges devote the lion’s share of their work to risk management, which means they carefully select new tokens and leave "junk coins" out in the cold. The listings on EXMO, BitForex and HitBTC show that IQN is a worthy participant in the crypto market. And its supply and demand reflect the fact that the number of holders is constantly growing, and the token has excellent liquidity.

Beyond just exchange listings, over the past 18 months, IQN has significantly expanded its presence with field-specific communities. Since the beginning of 2020, the project has entered more than 10 partnerships, including cooperation with the popular TradingView service, the German company Fractal developing solutions for customer identification, the analytical Flipside Crypto company, as well as collaborations with gaming and information portals about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. All this affects the size of the community and strengthens the loyalty of crypto enthusiasts to IQN.

Interest in crypto games is back

This year, along with unique collectible tokens (NFTs), gaming assets have begun to recover in popularity, helping millions of gamers to monetize their gaming successes. This community desire was prioritized by the creators of IQN token. Today, they motivate gamers and cryptocurrency holders by rewarding gamers with digital assets for victories in gaming matches.

The first transaction with IQN was supported by PvP gaming platform Its users receive an asset for winning battles with each other, participating in contests and interactions held by IQeon team, as well as for being active in the project’s communities.

The resulting assets can be used to participate in matches on the platform, as well as withdrawn to a MetaMask wallet or any other wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, or exchanged on EXMO, BitForex, HitBTC and Exrates exchanges for other popular cryptocurrencies.

IQN prospects

Altcoin prices often skyrocket by tens, or even hundreds of percent, following bullish market sentiment. However, only those assets supported by an experienced team focused on the quality of the product and its constant development should be added to a wise investor’s portfolio.

The IQN gaming asset is exactly such a token. It is developing an extensive ecosystem and attracting a huge number of gamers by giving them the opportunity to get their first cryptocurrency and create a new gaming reality.

Considering the stable success of the token, the forecast for IQN’s value is optimistic. With a highly sought-after application area, a loyal community, and the cryptocurrency market’s evolving dynamics, IQN is well-positioned to become one of the most traded gaming cryptocurrencies around.


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