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Near Futures. Far-Fetched – A Sci-Fi Story

Near Futures. Far-Fetched – A Sci-Fi Story

Andy Blood was executive creative director at Colenso BBDO and a creative strategist at Facebook. He is the creator of the multiverse series “Near Futures. Far-Fetched” an intriguing series of NFTs that are available on the Lithoverse NFT platform.

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Near Futures. Far-Fetched is a collection of six short stories with one thing in common: somewhere in the multiverse these stories will be true. The themes explored range from The Last Bitcoin (set in the year 2139), to the social network of objects, a terrorist group infiltrating CERN, our too-smart cities becoming dumb, weaponising ‘clean’, and first contact with intelligent non-human life.

Near Futures Far-Fetched is a continuation of the creative partnership between CENNZnet and Andy Blood that produced last September’s world first ‘Book As NFT’ project.

Each individual story NFT is available in an edition of ten. With each sale granting its owner a 1% share of the revenue of the full and final collection released as an NFT.

Andy Blood is the author of ‘Full Bleed’ a book of ‘Remarkable stories and hard-won lessons from the coalface of creativity and the bleeding edge of advertising and technology.’

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