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Prime Staked: Liquid Restaking

Prime Staked: Liquid Restaking
27 Feb 2024

Matt Liu is the co-founder of Origin Protocol, an Ethereum-powered platform for NFTs, DeFi, Liquid Staking, and Restaking.

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Origin has a stablecoin, the Origin Dollar (OUSD) to support users as they passively earn yield on OUSD held in wallets – as opposed to being staked or locked up in a protocol.

Ethereum restaking has become one of 2024’s most disruptive narratives. The thriving sector is teeming with innovation, offering new opportunities for builders and users alike.

Matt says he learned that if you want to remain at the forefront, you need to constantly evolve along with the space. This principle allowed him to take liquid staking by the horns with Origin Ether. In a few months, they brought a product to market that continues to deliver value for users. Today, Origin Ether is approaching $100M of TVL while delivering higher risk-adjusted yields than the top liquid staking tokens like stETH, rETH, and frxETH.

His new product is Prime Staked ETH (primeETH), a liquid restaked token (LRT) that provides liquidity for assets that have been deposited into EigenLayer. By converting staked ETH into primeETH, users can stack ETH staking yield, EigenLayer points, and primeETH XP points all while remaining liquid.

primeETH is a reward-bearing token that works similarly to cTokens. primeETH tokens are not rebasing like stETH or OETH. Instead, the underlying rewards accrued by restaking positions are reflected in the price of primeETH over time as it increases in value.

primeETH was developed by Matt and the Origin Protocol team that have launched multiple DeFi products with $100M+ in TVL. Prime Staked is a fork of Kelp which has been battle-tested with hundreds of millions of funds and has been audited by sigmaPrime and code4arena. The primary change to the codebase was the addition of new LSTs and configuring their associated oracles. Each of the newly added assets have been carefully reviewed to make sure they don’t introduce new reentrancy vectors or unexpected behaviors.

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