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Scott Morgan Runs For Bitcoin Foundation Seat

The Co-Founder and current CFO of[ AirBitz]( believes that, “If we are successful, it will be in part due to the Foundation's efforts in persevering and presenting the Protocol in its entirety."

foundation quote 1Scott Morgan became heavily involved in the crypto space during 2012. He found himself not only re-reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper over again, but also constantly listening to the audio version in his car. He looks to help individuals succeed in defining and achieving their own definition of success, Morgan has been involved in finance for most of his career. Morgan is Co-Founder and current CFO of AirBitz.

“At Airbitz, we aim to bring bitcoin to the next billion users […] while still retaining Bitcoin’s core principles of decentralization and privacy.”
— – AirBitz

With more than 25 years of experience with start-ups, Morgan finds new ideas developed by strong teams exhilarating. It appears that running for the Bitcoin Foundation Individual Board Member Seat could be the next logical step for him, and he hopes to further apply and retain the same ideology of Bitcoin’s core principles to the Foundation.

The Bitcoin Foundation is a non-profit corporation which was founded in September 2012. It was established with the intent to standardize, protect and promote Bitcoin for the benefit of users worldwide.

“Our mission is to fund development for the Bitcoin Core Project and support common-good bitcoin infrastructure.”
— – The Bitcoin Foundation.

On the 17th February, voting concludes for two available Individual Board Member seats. At present, Morgan is one of 13 candidates that have risen to the occasion. The current Bitcoin Foundation individual membership is comprised of 886 annual and 637 lifetime members, totaling 1,523. Out of 1,523 eligible voters, 364, or 23.9%, of individual members confirmed to vote in this election.

Morgan discussed with BraveNewCoin his drive behind the decision to run for the seat, and why he feels the Bitcoin Foundation is important, "I would very much like to be part of the process that assists the transformation of Industry and by extension the economy to one that utilizes Proof of Work as evidence of wealth not the monopolistic creation of debt." states Morgan.

In Morgans opinion the Foundation is the landing page for many who wish to know more about the technology behind the crypto currency, "The Bitcoin Protocol has the power to reshape the way the world economy functions.[…] Inflation will become non-existent as ‘printed to infinity’ fiat currencies are exposed as slights of hand.”

While Morgan is clearly excited about the potential of Bitcoin, he is critical of the Foundation on many levels, "To begin with the Foundation’s website doesn’t even have a link to Satoshi’s white paper. This leads me to believe that even though the Foundation is in its infancy, that it already may be being led astray to conform with the system it should be attempting to replace.”

“The Foundation must have members who, and I borrow a phrase here, ‘hold the truths of Satoshi’s white paper to be self-evident’. Hence, the Foundation may have to recant or rebuff entities that wish to reshape the bitcoin space to meet their own needs and support what the Protocol stands for, that is, transactions between individuals free from third parties. My campaign is simple – Bitcoin: Money for Adults."
— – Morgan

Over the years the Foundation has experienced controversy with the Industry. Morgan believes that in essence, the Bitcoin Foundation is an important piece to the puzzle at present. “Eventually the Bitcoin Foundation will be unnecessary, either due to the fact that the experiment in which we are participating has succeeded and thereby Bitcoin is ubiquitous or it has failed,” He continued, “The Foundation is necessary at this time to teach and help guide those from the current collapsing economic system to the new one being created. If we are successful, it will be in part due to the Foundation’s efforts in persevering and presenting the Protocol in its entirety."

Morgan expects the role will require him to adhere to the mandate under which the Foundation was formed and, “to carry this charge forward without compromise from either those inside or outside the Foundation.”

“I would like the Bitcoin Foundation to be a sort of embodiment of the mind(s) that created Bitcoin, not a centralized unit of control, but an amplified source of knowledge regarding the Protocol."states Morgan, “The whole concept of Proof of Work will be one that carries into all Industries directing resources to only those that are deemed worthy,"

For further information and views a debate was held on Adam B. Levine’s Let’s Talk Bitcoin and can be found here.


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