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Sealana Presale Extends For Another Week! The Next Explosive Meme Coin Launch You Don’t Want To Miss

The team behind this massively successful project has decided to extend the presale phase! Let’s see why.

The crypto market has been struggling recently, with bearish trends persisting for some time. Major coins have seen a decline in value over the past week. Bitcoin dropped by 6.1%, Ethereum fell by 5.2%, and BNB decreased by 4.1%.

Solana on the other hand is showing small signs of improvement as the price had a 1% increase, signaling a potential surge in value for this coin. That’s why it is unsurprising that the massively successful Sealana ($SEAL) project has decided to stretch out the presale phase for another week.

Let’s check the details below

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Sealana ($SEAL) Continues The Presale For Another Week – Investors Flock to Buy Before The Price Surge After Launch

Sealana ($SEAL) has decided to extend its highly successful presale by an additional week. This strategic move comes as excitement around Sealana has reached a peak. The official presale will now continue until July 2nd, followed by the start of the airdrop and the $SEAL token going live on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Investors can purchase $SEAL tokens through the website until 1 PM UTC on July 1st to be included in the initial airdrop. Those who miss this deadline still have a 24-hour window to buy tokens before the airdrop begins. However, tokens purchased during this period will be distributed after the first airdrop concludes.

Sealand BT 1

As the presale nears its end, investors need to act quickly. With the fundraising milestone now at $6 million, the price of $SEAL is expected to rise significantly post-launch.

Sealana’s decision to extend the presale reflects its commitment to maximizing investor participation and capitalizing on the current hype. By offering additional time to buy into the project, they aim to build a stronger foundation for the token’s launch and subsequent growth. This approach ensures that more investors can benefit from the initial airdrop and be part of the project’s promising future.

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Sealana’s Mascot Attracts Numerous Reactions Across The Internet With Its South Park Inspired Mascot

Sealana’s intriguing mascot has been catching the eye of both investors and meme enthusiasts online. This character draws significant inspiration from the iconic Gamer Guy, a figure made famous by the “Make Love, Not Warcraft” episode of South Park. Over the years, Gamer Guy has become one of the most recognizable memes on the internet.

Sealana’s mascot mirrors this legendary figure with its slouched posture, zombie-like stare at the screen, and oversized glasses. These similarities have played a significant role in Sealana’s widespread appeal and success. Like Gamer Guy, Sealana’s mascot has inspired numerous memes, helping to cement its presence in both the crypto world and the broader online community.

Sealana Body Text 27 June

The strong community backing Sealana further supports its success. The project boasts a substantial following across various social media platforms, with 13,000 followers on X (formerly known as Twitter) and 20,000 subscribers on Telegram. This robust online presence highlights the project’s growing popularity and widespread appeal.

The Sealana team is dedicated to keeping its community informed and engaged. They regularly provide updates on the project’s highlights, future plans, and key milestones. Consistent communication helps build trust and maintain a strong connection with their followers.

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The ‘’Send-to-wallet’’ Presale Style Further Fuels The Success Behind This Project

Sealana’s presale is being conducted through a straightforward “Send-to-wallet” style, a method previously used by its predecessor, Slothana. Slothana managed to raise over $15 million during its presale phase, so it’s no surprise that Sealana has chosen to follow this successful approach.

Selana BT 2

This method is appealing to both experienced and novice investors due to its simplicity. To purchase $SEAL tokens, investors simply need to send SOL from their DEX wallet to the address DJ15ZYXqUNMYJ3hL7z4ciSaSFAw5cbos3YjGpdvwmF6c. Additionally, $SEAL can be bought through the official website using the buy widget.

The team has set a fixed price for $SEAL at $0.022 per token. This strategy ensures a fair entry point for all investors, regardless of when they choose to buy in during the presale period. Having this consistent token price throughout the presale prevents early investors from gaining an undue advantage over later participants.

Adding to the excitement, there are rumors in the crypto community that the same team behind the highly successful SLERF project is also behind Sealana. SLERF saw massive success post-launch, which only increased the hype surrounding Sealana.

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The Final Word

The current state of the crypto market is adding to the indecisiveness among investors about their next purchase. Leading coins have consistently been trading in red this past period and there aren’t any signs of stabilization.

However, there is still enormous profit potential in the market. Leading industry sources are highlighting Sealana ($SEAL) as the next big token that will make up for all losses. The ongoing presale phase is nearing its end, so it’s best to act quickly and buy before the evident price surge on launch day!

This is a sponsored article. Opinions expressed are solely those of the sponsor and readers should conduct their own due diligence before taking any action based on information presented in this article.


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