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809, 2019

Tough times for altcoins as Bitcoin’s dominance surges

|8 Sep 2019|News|

In its first years, Bitcoin represented 100 percent of the cryptocurrency market. After falling to a low of 33 percent in January 2018 at the height of the altcoin boom, Bitcoin’s dominance of the crypto market cap is now back up to 70 percent. Where next for altcoins?

507, 2019

Bitcoin’s dominance grows. Are altcoins dead or just biding their time?

|5 Jul 2019|News|

Bitcoin has staged a remarkable recovery in 2019, posting gains in almost every consecutive month. After starting the year at $3800, Bitcoin last week reached an 18-month high of USD $13,768. However, while Bitcoin has soared, for the most part, altcoins have not been able to keep up. Are altcoins dead or just biding their time?

410, 2018

Altcoins – where volatility lives

|4 Oct 2018|News|

In the playground of cryptocurrency, Altcoins are the seesaw to Bitcoin's rocking horse — providing opportunities galore for canny investors, while simultaneously being radioactive for the risk-averse

112, 2017

Cryptocurrencies Outlook 2018

|1 Dec 2017|Resources|

The ‘word’ referred to by Led Zeppelin, can be, in our scenario, ICOs, Tokens, Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Bitcoin, Ethereum… and ‘heaven’ is the destination of investors, blockchain pioneers, ICO enthusiasts, utopists, and firm believers in the swarm intelligence and the meritocracy of the Crypto space. These are new words, new terms, buzz words, but words already so prevalent that people had trouble ignoring them in 2017. If you think 2017 was a frenetic year, please, brace for ‘18 ! Before jumping into our recap of 2017 and our outlook for ‘18 and before entering into details about specific names and terms, it is part of our job to demystify and explain this strange and fascinating world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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