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2203, 2023

Is it Bitcoin’s time to Shine, as the Banking System Falters?

|22 Mar 2023|News|

Bitcoin's price action this week provides a clear market signal that Bitcoin is decoupling from other assets. Is Bitcoin, for the first time, acting as a safe haven asset in response to the traditional banking system and in response to a globally fraught central bank monetary policy?

305, 2018

Will millennials be a cashless generation?

|3 May 2018|News|

Millennials are driving the change and shaping the future of money. By 2025, millennials (those born after 1980) will comprise three quarters of the global workforce and according to Pew Research, in the US, they will overtake the baby boomer generation by 2019.

2809, 2016

Leading the pack in blockchain banking:Trailblazers set the pace

|28 Sep 2016|Resources|

Banking organizations across the globe are investing resources in exploring how blockchains can impact their businesses. The IBM Institute for Business Value with the support of the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 200 banks in 16 countries on their experiences and expectations with blockchains. This executive report outlines what differentiates the early adopters and what we can learn from them.

1908, 2016

Making blockchain a reality

|19 Aug 2016|Resources|

A radical change in culture is required to re-think banks' business models in order to prosper in the future. So banks must devote adequate focus and manpower if they are to keep up pace with the market, but, once established, focus must be on the true benefit rather than just exploratory. So which areas do banks see the most opportunity?

1709, 2015

5 Major Banks That Are Looking Into Blockchain

|17 Sep 2015|News|

The relationship between bitcoin and the global financial market, particularly banking institutions, has been tense historically. It appears that the tides may be changing from a distant and acrimonious attitude, to buzzing about blockchain technology.

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