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Bitcoin Adoption

1708, 2022 – Making crypto accessible to everyone

|17 Aug 2022|Podcasts|

Corbin Fraser is Head of Financial Services at Corbin is a hacker, entrepreneur, and builder with over nine years of experience in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. A vocal advocate for p2p cash and optimizing the user experience of crypto for mass adoption, Corbin has helped position as one of the most widely used crypto wallets globally with millions of monthly active users.

1408, 2018

Bitcoin 2018 is NOT Bitcoin 2009

|14 Aug 2018|News|

With no centralized leadership, the reality of what Bitcoin is, depends almost entirely on what the Bitcoin community *thinks* it is. To that end, new research shows that Bitcoin 2018 bears almost no resemblance to Bitcoin 2009

1407, 2018

Bitcoin-backed ETF’s on SEC radar again

|14 Jul 2018|News|

Speculation that the regulator might be coming close to approving Bitcoin-backed ETFs is high as the agency asks for public comment on another application for a Bitcoin-backed ETF

703, 2018

Cryptocurrencies to takeover online gaming world

|7 Mar 2018|News|

Cryptocurrencies and online gaming seem like a match made in digital heaven. The burgeoning popularity of online gaming and esports has led to the creation of in-game digital currencies which could be a valuable addition to the virtual economies of popular online games such as World of Warcraft.

2512, 2017

State of the Bitcoin nation – India

|25 Dec 2017|News|

India has the seventh largest economy in the world and its population is particularly fond of gold. Not surprisingly, therefore, the popularity of the 'digital gold' bitcoin is on the rise as Indians are increasingly starting to see the value of this new digital asset class.

1212, 2017

The future of cryptocurrency futures regulation

|12 Dec 2017|News|

The chairman of the largest electronic brokerage firm in the U.S. has warned that ‘a catastrophe in the cryptocurrency market that destabilizes a clearing organization will destabilize the real economy.’ Is it time for the CFTC to put safeguards in place?

712, 2017

Mainstream bitcoin futures markets are coming

|7 Dec 2017|News|

The age of Bitcoin investments going mainstream is nearly upon us, at least for traders in the US market. Last Wednesday, the highest-volume derivatives market in the world, CME Group, announced that it will open its Bitcoin Futures market on December 18th. The second largest market, the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE), then one-upped the CME and announced that they’ll be the first to launch Bitcoin futures trading on December 10th.

3011, 2017

Bitcoin 2018: ‘Show me the (institutional) money!’

|30 Nov 2017|News|

As an investment asset Bitcoin has been a stellar performer in 2017, eclipsing the returns of equities, bonds, and commodities by a substantial margin. Year-to-date, bitcoin has generated a return on investment of over 950 percent. The S&P 500, on the other hand, is only up 17 percent since the start of the year, while the Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index is up 7 percent and the Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI) is up 2.5 percent year-to-date.

2711, 2017

Bitcoin’s ‘future’ Is now

|27 Nov 2017|News|

Always an innovative force in the financial services industry, CME Group recently announced it would launch a bitcoin futures contract in early December. As a single bitcoin approaches a valuation equivalent to $10,000, producing a stratospheric return (approximately +900% in 2017), the launch of a new yet widely understood and accepted product could lend legitimacy to the alternative asset and pave the way for user-base expansion.

1311, 2017

The need for universal opt-in replay protection

|13 Nov 2017|News|

SegWit2x got canceled, and with it probably the most heated "battle" in the Bitcoin space thus far draws to a close. There are many lessons to be learned from this ordeal as well as some other forks that are happening around Bitcoin - what constitutes "consensus" in the community, how will the future forks be handled and so on. One important aspect I haven't seen discussed as much currently is the ongoing issue of fork-proof replay protection - a feature that caused some controversy by its absence in SegWit2x and made Bitcoin Gold a laughing stock when they created a bounty for it very close to their forking date.

1010, 2017

Vanuatu becomes the first country to accept bitcoin for citizenship

|10 Oct 2017|News|

Earlier this week, Vanuatu became the first sovereign nation to accept bitcoins in return for granting citizenship through its DSP Citizenship Program. The Chairman of the Vanuatu Information Center (VIC) – which oversees Vanuatu citizenship applications -  Geoffrey Bond, had sent an official request earlier this month seeking permission to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Andrew Solomon Napuat MP, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, affirmed the decision last week.

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