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2603, 2023

Astroon Launches Astroon Fall, Their First Mobile Game

|26 Mar 2023|News|

ASTROON is an innovative crypto project that aims to offer a unique and exciting experience for crypto enthusiasts. The project combines animated films, NFTs, and a utility token to create an immersive and interactive entertainment experience for users.

2003, 2023

InfiniGods – The Web3 Gaming Studio

|20 Mar 2023|Podcasts|

Owen O’Donoghue is co-founder of InfiniGods, a Web3 gaming studio building a suite of fun, free-to-play blockchain games. O'Donoghue is the former Director of Gaming at Facebook, and knows what it takes to establish and legitimize an industry. He was a part of the Facebook mobile gaming boom of the 2010s and sees a similar path forward for Web3 via quality, fun, and accessible games.

1301, 2021

Axie Infinity & the blockchain gaming play to earn revolution

|13 Jan 2021|Podcasts|

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired blockchain-based digital pet universe where players can earn tokens through gaming. Players can battle, collect, breed, and build a kingdom for their pets. Like CryptoKitties, Axies are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represented as cryptographically unique characters that can’t be replicated. And like Pokémon, they are born to battle. While Axie can be just a game, it has built a strong social network, passionate community, and emerging jobs platform due to the play to earn opportunities it is generating.

1009, 2020

Gods Unchained updates aim to win back blockchain gamers

|10 Sep 2020|News|

The Ethereum-based crypto collectible card game, Gods Unchained, was one of the most popular first-generation blockchain games. After slipping from popularity, its founders, Immutable, hope a new expansion and a planned decentralized exchange will win back gamers

1708, 2019

Blockchain gaming shows promising signs

|17 Aug 2019|News|

Game developers are warming up to the unique possibilities of blockchain. Blockchain tech can enable decentralization, transparency, and true ownership of non-fungible tokens and game items in virtual environments.

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