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603, 2017

Linking Cash and Securities For Delivery vs Payment Settlement in Distributed Ledger Arrangements

|6 Mar 2017|Resources|

In this paper, the authors aim to explain some of the benefits of DLT migration and the challenges that need to be overcome during the transition. Futhermore, showing how existing securities and cash can be moved into DLT arrangements for delivery versus payment (DVP) transaction settlement. DVP is a fundamental requirement as it eliminates the principal risk that either counterparty to a trade or financing transaction could lose the full value of cash or securities while either leg of the trade or transaction remains unsettled.

2908, 2016

Antshares sets out to be the people’s digital asset blockchain

|29 Aug 2016|News|

Antshares promises “Digital Assets for everyone.” The organization's platform and cryptosecurity is designed to be a useful asset digitization platform for the mainstream user. Existing in the space between Ethereum and Counterparty, “Antshares is about building a financial system bridging the real-world assets.”

907, 2015

Tokenly: Limitless Tokens for a Tokenless World

|9 Jul 2015|News|

Tokenly is a technology infrastructure company building open source software solutions that aim to make tokens more useful and usable for everyone. They have just released an Alpha version of their suite of apps, which is available to early adopters.

1003, 2015

Counterparty Team Overstock

|10 Mar 2015|News|

The founding team of Counterparty announced that they are no longer working with Overstock on building Medici, the platform that Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne hopes will be a replacement for the existing stock market infrastructure involved central securities depositories and global custodians.

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