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603, 2018

A Blockchain Innovator’s Guide To IP Strategy, Protecting Innovation and Avoiding Infringement

|6 Mar 2018|Resources|

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) promise to be a disruptive force in many areas. As a result, we are seeing a great deal of investment in this technology by industry and investors. In 2016, venture capital firms invested $392 million in the maturing technology and closed 75 deals. Furthermore, alternative forms of startup capital, such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), have recently eclipsed venture funding. These innovators are safeguarding their innovation with legal mechanisms for protecting IP, patents being the most significant among them. It is critical that participants in the blockchain ecosystem have a basic understanding of IP protection, strategy, and risk. This Primer is intended to provide such a foundation.

2709, 2017

Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study

|27 Sep 2017|Resources|

The first Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study gathered data from over 200 enterprise DLT start-ups, established corporations, central banks and other public sector institutions, including non-public data obtained through confidential online surveys. It provides an empirical overview of the current state of both enterprise and public sector use of blockchain and DLT.

905, 2017

Hong Kong – Building Trust Using Distributed Ledger Technology

|9 May 2017|Resources|

This paper aims to explain briefly what DLT is, and indicate the technology’s transformative potential, describe what selected overseas jurisdictions have been doing to explore DLT, describe the present state of DLT exploration in Hong Kong, suggest an initial framework for Hong Kong to build up a DLT ecosystem and suggests potential DLT use-cases in Hong Kong for medium-term consideration. The paper takes its lead from the financial services implications of DLT – from which perspective DLT is a dimension of FinTech and also a digital currency. In that sense, blockchain strategy is one element of FinTech strategy. However, DLT has implications far beyond financial services, which the present paper also seeks to address.

405, 2017

Distributed Ledgers: Scenarios for the Australian economy over the coming decades

|4 May 2017|Resources|

This study contains analysis, interpretation and foresight, created by Data66 in consultation with subject-matter experts, in order to inform government, industry, and the broader Australian community of the plausible implications of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The intended outcome is to provide advance warning of potential challenges, risks and opportunities so that leaders and innovators can make better-informed decisions, including high impact policies, for today, which will impact our future.

603, 2017

Linking Cash and Securities For Delivery vs Payment Settlement in Distributed Ledger Arrangements

|6 Mar 2017|Resources|

In this paper, the authors aim to explain some of the benefits of DLT migration and the challenges that need to be overcome during the transition. Futhermore, showing how existing securities and cash can be moved into DLT arrangements for delivery versus payment (DVP) transaction settlement. DVP is a fundamental requirement as it eliminates the principal risk that either counterparty to a trade or financing transaction could lose the full value of cash or securities while either leg of the trade or transaction remains unsettled.

203, 2017

Roadmap For Blockchain Standards

|2 Mar 2017|Resources|

This report explains the methodology and process used by Standards Australia to develop a Roadmap for Blockchain Standards. It highlights the critical role Australia will have in leading international efforts to develop blockchain standards under ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and electronic distributed ledger technologies.

1301, 2017

Distributed Ledger Technology: Implications of Blockchain for the Securities Industry

|13 Jan 2017|Resources|

This paper is intended to be an initial contribution to an ongoing dialogue with market participants about the use of DLT in the securities industry. Accordingly, FINRA is requesting comments from all interested parties regarding all of the areas covered by this paper. FINRA also requests comments on any related matters for which it would be appropriate to consider additional guidance, consistent with the principles of investor protection and market integrity, based on DLT applications and their implications for FINRA rules.

1111, 2016

Whitepaper On Distributed Ledger Technology

|11 Nov 2016|Resources|

This white paper may be regarded as the first stage in this larger research project. It aims to provide the fintech industry in Hong Kong with a reasonably comprehensive study of the key features, benefits, risks and potential of DLT. It also includes the initial findings of the proof-of-concept work carried out on DLT applications in three areas: mortgage loan application, trade finance, and digital identity management.

905, 2016

The Impact and Potential of Blockchain on the Securities Transaction Lifecycle*

|9 May 2016|Resources|

This paper reports the outcome of a series of interviews and focus group meetings with professionals working in post-trade processing and the provision of mutual distributed ledger services. The objective was to elicit and document views on three research hypotheses about the potential impact of mutual distributed ledger technology (‘blockchain’) on post-trade processing global securities markets.

305, 2016

Motion For A European Parliament Resolution On Virtual Currencies

|3 May 2016|Resources|

Beyond financial services, the Commission is actively reflecting on possible pilot projects to foster decentralised innovation ecosystems and help reshape interactions between consumers, producers, creators and among citizens, businesses and administrations to the end benefit of society.The following report on Virtual Currencies from the European Commission explores DLT benefits and challenges as well as fields for applications in financial services.

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