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Ethereum Classic

2406, 2020

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis – On-chain activity drops despite recent protocol upgrade

|24 Jun 2020|Price Analysis|

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a distributed ledger and decentralized computing platform with smart contract capabilities, created in 2016 by forking the original Ethereum (ETH) project. The crypto asset is currently 21st on the Brave New Coin market cap table, with a market cap of US$765 million and US$110 million in trade volume over the past 24 hours. The ETC/USD spot price is down 86% from the all-time high set in mid-January 2018.

1101, 2020

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis – Agartha Hard Fork on January 13th

|11 Jan 2020|Price Analysis|

In April, the ETC Labs dev team released ECIP-1054, Atlantis, which enabled the Spurious Dragon and Byzantium network protocol upgrades currently active on the ETH network. The protocol changes increased interoperability between the ETC and ETH chains. Atlantis was successfully implemented on the main-net on September 12th. The Constantinople protocol changes will be included in Agharta, ECIP-1056, set for launch on block 9,573,000, or approximately January 13th.

1701, 2019

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: Broken confidence

|17 Jan 2019|Price Analysis|

Following a successful 51% attack on the Ethereum classic network, confidence in the security of the blockchain has been battered, particularly with the threat of secondary attacks still looming over the network. While network usage has remained constant through the bear market, there is some evidence that this activity may not be organic and lacks true economic value.

1501, 2019

ETC 51 % attack – what happened and how it was stopped

|15 Jan 2019|News|

As a top 20 crypto asset, Ethereum Classic isn’t thought of as an easy target for a 51 percent attack, and yet in early January, its blockchain was successfully hijacked for several days. So what happened, how was it stopped, and how vulnerable are other cryptocurrencies to a similar breach?

908, 2018

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis – On the on ramp

|9 Aug 2018|Price Analysis|

The ETH vs ETC debate began over a matter of principle regarding the immutability of the blockchain, as well as speculators and miners seeking an opportunity to profit from a forked chain. ETC has continued to survive and begun to thrive after the removal of a difficulty bomb which threatened to shut down the network entirely.

305, 2018

Raiden, lightning and plasma aren’t the only contenders in crypto speed battle

|3 May 2018|News|

Transaction completion speeds are one of the most buzz-worthy topics in cryptocurrency and for good reason. In a myriad of ways, many cryptocurrency projects have made the major technological advancements necessary to put cryptocurrency ahead of fiat currency in this category. Yet, there are many challenges that remain.

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