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704, 2021

YIELD – Bridging FinTech and DeFi

|7 Apr 2021|Podcasts|

Tim Frost is the CEO of YIELD App. The YIELD mission is to provide anyone with access to the best investment opportunities, regardless of their financial or technical knowledge. The YIELD platform is a bridge between FinTech and DeFi.

2704, 2019

London may overtake San Francisco as global FinTech hub

|27 Apr 2019|News|

A new report published by global recruitment firm Robert Walters has revealed that London is rivalling San Francisco in high-value FinTech startup activity. If current trends continue, the report suggests that London may soon be home to more FinTech unicorns than San Francisco.

601, 2018

Blockchain’s Post-Trade Credibility Problem

|6 Jan 2018|News|

There has been much talk of how blockchain technology can improve mainstream financial markets. That cuts both ways. In particular, blockchain purports to fix post-trade, yet the crypto market itself fails miserably at it.

201, 2018

The FinTech outlook for 2018

|2 Jan 2018|News|

I usually start the new year by making some predictions, but so many others have been writing about 2018 trends that I’m not going to. There are four big things for 2018 from a FinTech viewpoint that are obvious to me, however

2110, 2017

Why bankers only see horses and technologists are creating cars

|21 Oct 2017|News|

I was at a large bank’s wealth management conference recently, where the CEO was being quizzed about various areas including a lot about technology and FinTech. He made several statements that I noted with interest: “Roboadvisory services improves our speed-to-market and human productivity, but does not replace humans. In particular, I can see that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning makes it far easier for us to comply with and implement regulations and deal with regulatory change in the back office.”

2110, 2017

A global currency is coming, whether you like it or not

|21 Oct 2017|News|

Continuing yesterday’s discussions about a big bank’s conference, I was intrigued at how often the subject of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin came up. But there again, it’s a topical thing at the moment with the price of bitcoins surging past the $4,000 mark and Goldman Sachs going against JP Morgan, and saying that they might even trade in it. The conversation at this particular large bank’s meeting went along the lines of bitcoin being a broken model, it’s a bubble and you should definitely not invest in it. The reason for not investing is based upon two major factors.

2406, 2017

Capture a tailwind on future fintech

|24 Jun 2017|News|

Fintech continues to dominate the conversation in financial services. But fintech is merely a tool. And like any tool, it is only as effective as the skillset of the craftsman who wields it. In the case of these new technologies, the industry’s ability to capture the greatest benefit of this tailwind rests largely on having highly educated and experienced people leading the innovation revolution.

1906, 2017

Fintech and Financial Services: Initial Considerations

|19 Jun 2017|Resources|

A new wave of technological innovations, often called “fintech, ” is accelerating change in the financial sector. What impact might fintech have on financial services, and how should regulation respond? This paper sets out an economic framework for thinking through the channels by which fintech might provide solutions that respond to consumer needs for trust, security, privacy, and better services, change the competitive landscape, and affect regulation. It combines a broad discussion of trends across financial services with a focus on cross-border payments and especially the impact of distributed ledger technology. Overall, the paper finds that boundaries among different types of service providers are blurring; barriers to entry are changing; and improvements in cross-border payments are likely. It argues that regulatory authorities need to balance carefully efficiency and stability trade-offs in the face of rapid changes, and ensure that trust is maintained in an evolving financial system. It also highlights the importance of international cooperation.

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