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1110, 2022

Ferreting Out Fakers: How Cryptocurrency Companies Can Protect Their Brands in Cyberspace

|11 Oct 2022|News|

Brand imitation, hijack and infringement, are key concerns for many crypto brands - especially in an ecosystem where funds can be transferred effortlessly and anonymously. This article by IP attorneys Erin Hennessy and Annie Allison highlights the various vulnerabilities faced by cryptocurrency brands and shares tips for identifying and safeguarding against infringers

1605, 2019

Six hackers charged over SIM swapping attacks

|16 May 2019|News|

Six individuals from a hacking group known as ‘The Community’ have been charged with stealing over $2.4 million in cryptocurrency using the SIM swapping method. What is SIM swapping and how can you prevent it?

907, 2018

Bancor breached — Exchange working to alleviate issues

|9 Jul 2018|News|

Bancor, a decentralized ERC20 exchange, in a statement released earlier today let its community know that a vulnerability in its network had been exploited by hackers who stole 24,984 ETH (worth approximately $11,815,683, at index prices), $1 million of NPXS and $10 million worth of Bancor tokens.

2106, 2018

Another day, another exchange hack

|21 Jun 2018|News|

The recent hack of Bithumb, the 6th largest cryptographic asset exchange, continues the worrying trend of hackers finding ways around the security of these platforms, and siphoning funds stored in exchange hot wallets.

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