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3107, 2019

India set to ban cryptocurrency and launch the digital rupee

|31 Jul 2019|News|

India is moving closer to a ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that would criminalize users. The Indian government remains open to distributed ledger technology, however, and a new report recommends the launch of the digital rupee.

405, 2019

India’s Bitcoin love story to end in break-up?

|4 May 2019|News|

The Indian government has begun inter-ministerial consultations on a draft bill to ban crypto assets. The news comes as a further blow to the large Indian bitcoin community after the Reserve Bank of India issued a bitcoin banking ban in 2018.

2512, 2017

State of the Bitcoin nation – India

|25 Dec 2017|News|

India has the seventh largest economy in the world and its population is particularly fond of gold. Not surprisingly, therefore, the popularity of the 'digital gold' bitcoin is on the rise as Indians are increasingly starting to see the value of this new digital asset class.

404, 2017

Digital payments – Analysing the cyber landscape

|4 Apr 2017|Resources|

In this thought leadership, the authors examine the digital payments ecosystem from a lens of readiness of framework for adopting the technology, emergence of new industry (Fintech), security and preventive measures that an Indian citizen needs to take before taking a leap of faith in the digital world, and measures to avoid frauds.

712, 2016

India’s idea about a cashless society is not the reality

|7 Dec 2016|News|

I wrote a while ago about the amazing digital identity scheme in India called Aadhaar.  It’s a card-based biometric scheme using a centralised database.  Of course, today, they would have developed the scheme on a mobile wallet with a distributed ledger but hey, you can’t win them all.  Some say that this just illustrates how quickly technology eats itself; I say it’s an example of old versus new technology worlds.  The old world was capital, resource and time intensive (as blogged about the other day); the new world is agile, a continuum, far simpler and with lower cost.

2111, 2016

Indian Bitcoin exchange tackles liquidity shortage following the withdrawal of Rupee notes

|21 Nov 2016|News|

One of India’s largest bitcoin exchanges, Coinsecure, now offers an account that does not require identification for deposits. “Users can submit their KYC when they want to withdraw or deposit INR and avail the discounted fee of 0.3%,” the company explains. “This removes the process of having to complete verification to start trading in Bitcoin.” Know Your Customer (KYC) identification requirements are demanded by regulators across the globe.

1211, 2016

India’s banknote withdrawal sparks bitcoin interest

|12 Nov 2016|News|

Two of India's largest denomination banknotes were scrapped on Wednesday. The five hundred rupee and 1,000 rupee notes can no longer be accepted by businesses across the country. Indians will be allowed to deposit or exchange their old currency notes at banks and post offices until the end of the year.

909, 2016

Jio Wireless network ‘will greatly help the Indian bitcoin industry’

|9 Sep 2016|News|

A new 4G wireless data network with over 80% coverage, Reliance Jio, recently went live in India. Residents of approximately 18,000 cities and 200,000 rural villages can enjoy free cell and data plans until the end of the year. The data service then costs 149 rupees, about US$2.25, per month while cell remains free.

1001, 2016

Bitcoin gaining ground in India

|10 Jan 2016|News|

India, the world’s largest democracy and the second most populous country on Earth behind China, has a rocky and tenuous past when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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