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911, 2023

The Pixelated Playground: TinyTap’s Yogev Shelly on the Future of Digital Education

|9 Nov 2023|News|

We are entering a world where traditional classrooms are being transcended by digital frontiers. Yogev Shelly, the CEO of TinyTap is one of the leaders of this movement. From pioneering Publisher NFTs that give educators the earnings they deserve, to partnering with global entertainment giants for content that captivates millions, TinyTaps is actively reimaging how education is delivered.

311, 2023

Bluzelle Unveils Visionary Expansion into Creator Economy, Empowering Content Creators with its Layer 1 Blockchain

|3 Nov 2023|Press Releases|

Bluzelle, a leading Layer 1 blockchain platform, is excited to announce a major expansion into the dynamic realm of the Creator Economy. Over the past two years, Bluzelle has invested significantly in Research and Development, and today, they reveal their vision for empowering content creators and innovators within the Creator Economy.

2803, 2023

Construction Giant XCMG Chooses Conflux for NFTs and Future Global Blockchain Applications

|28 Mar 2023|Press Releases|

​​XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (000425.SZ), the world's third largest construction machinery manufacturers, announced a partnership with Conflux, a leading public blockchain network, and Zen Spark Technology Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based blockchain and fintech company. The partnership aims to leverage blockchain and Web3 technologies to explore more international use cases.

201, 2023

Beware Off-The-Shelf IP License Agreements for NFTs

|2 Jan 2023|News|

As Lowenstein Sandler attorneys Leah Satlin and Matt Savare explain, conventional IP license terms do not always fit the bill when it comes to NFTs. In this article, they highlight several of the most important clauses to address to ensure your NFT license isn’t trying to fit a square peg in a round role.

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