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South Korea

607, 2019

Kimchi premium returns as Asian traders stack Bitcoin

|6 Jul 2019|News|

When South Korean investors piled into Bitcoin in late 2017, its price in Korean won soared even higher than the dollar, with Korean traders paying up to fifty percent more than westerners. With this 'kimchi premium', as it came to be known, returning to the market, what are the implications for Asian traders and for Bitcoin?

3006, 2019

South Korea puts exchanges on the hook for losses

|30 Jun 2019|News|

Emerging from the wake of the 2008 financial crash, Bitcoin promised an alternative to bailing out central banks. But all too often, Bitcoiners have found themselves paying for the mistakes of crypto exchanges, which continue to get hacked.

1906, 2019

South Korean banks spearhead blockchain adoption

|19 Jun 2019|News|

South Korea is a global crypto hot spot and its citizens are some of the most enthusiastic crypto traders in the world. The technology-focused country continues to adopt blockchain solutions with South Korea’s largest bank Kookin the latest to announce a new crypto initiative.

2006, 2018

Why South Korea still matters to crypto

|20 Jun 2018|News|

With China to its west and Japan to its east, South Korea is surrounded by economic giants, but nonetheless remains a pivotal influence on the global cryptocurrency markets — for reasons that are not immediately apparent to most external observers

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