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301, 2019

Tax Tips and Strategies for Cryptocurrency Investors

|3 Jan 2019|News|

In a few months, it’s tax season again, and for holders looking for big savings, tax planning begins now. Doing taxes can be taxing, outside of the stress of interests and penalties; for the crypto holder or investor, these tax tips and strategies will likely be beneficial.

1304, 2018

Is this the ‘end of tax season’ crypto market rally?

|13 Apr 2018|News|

As cryptocurrency markets mature are we seeing the seasonal effects associated with equity markets starting to seep in? This tax season could be quite revealing if the bounce in across the crypto markets mirrors that of the traditional rise in equities around this time of year.

1303, 2018

New IRS programs to focus on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

|13 Mar 2018|News|

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is beginning 2018 on an aggressive note, prioritizing the implementation of two new programs pertaining to the disclosure of foreign financial accounts, such as Swiss bank accounts, and virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin.

2109, 2016

As the Use of Virtual Currencies in Taxable Transactions Becomes More Common,Additional Actions Are Needed to Ensure Taxpayer Compliance

|21 Sep 2016|Resources|

This report presents the results of our review to evaluate the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) strategy for addressing income produced through virtual currencies. This review is included in our Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Audit Plan and addresses the major management challenge of Tax Compliance Initiatives.

2203, 2016

Australian Government committed to ending bitcoin double taxation

|22 Mar 2016|News|

The Australian Government recently announced it’s “committed to addressing the ‘double taxation’ of digital currencies.” Earlier in the week the Hon Scott Morrison MP, Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia, reportedly stated that digital currencies, including bitcoin, will be exempt from Goods and Services Tax (GST) as part of changes intended to boost the fintech sector.

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