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Volcan Capital – Investing in El Salvador

Volcan Capital – Investing in El Salvador

Aditya Das is Head of Research at Volcan Capital, a financial services company focused on investment opportunities in El Salvador.

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Aditya has authored a comprehensive research report titled "Invest in El Salvador," which covers various sectors of the country’s economy and highlights its emerging opportunities for investors. Volcan Capital has created two investment funds, that are tokenized on the Bitcoin Blockchain. The funds are, the El Salvador Real Estate Investment Trust Fund and the El Salvador Technology Venture Fund.

El Salvador has made significant progress in the last decade, particularly in addressing its issues with gang violence and improving safety. The government-implemented measures have been controversial but effective in reducing crime rates. El Salvador has successfully managed its fiscal deficit and restructured its debt, leading to improved credit ratings and increased foreign investment. President Nayib Bukele is seen as a populist leader who has embraced progressive financial policies and actively communicates with the public through social media platforms like Twitter.

El Salvador became the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender in 2021. This decision was driven by the need for an alternative currency since El Salvador uses US dollars as its primary currency but lacks monetary sovereignty. Bitcoin offers benefits for remittances and acts as a hedge against potential devaluation or economic instability caused by external factors.

El Salvador has set up legislation and a regulatory framework for Bitcoin service providers, which has attracted prominent exchanges like Bitfinex and Binance. The country offers a separate company registry and clear language in its regulations to support Bitcoin-related companies. El Salvador’s embrace of Bitcoin as legal tender also provides a ready-made base of users for these companies. Additionally, the country has created a separate framework for digital asset service providers, embracing digital assets other than Bitcoin. El Salvador’s use of geothermal energy from volcanoes for Bitcoin mining adds to its appeal as an innovative hub.

Volcan Capital is ready to assist international capital looking for a geopolitical hedge or growth prospects in this emerging market: in other words, the Singapore or Dubai of 40 years ago.

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