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What Is Dogwifhat? (And Why?)

3 Apr 2024

With a market cap of around US$4 billion, Dogwifhat (WIF) is now the third biggest meme coin after DOGE and SHIB – a feat it achieved within four months of launching. Here we explore what, and why, Dogwifhat is…

Although only officially launched in late November last year, the idea of Dogwifhat was sparked in November 2019 by a seemingly innocuous action when a Twitter user named Issa showcased a Shiba Inu dog wearing a hat as their Twitter profile picture.

This rapidly evolved into a viral meme, resonating across online communities and capturing the attention of e-sports organizations, celebrities, and a broad audience, cementing its place in internet culture (despite the original Twitter account’s suspension).

The meme’s widespread appeal inspired the development of a Solana-based cryptocurrency, Dogwifhat (WIF) which was launched on November 20, 2023. WIF has a circulating supply of 998,926,392 tokens and a current market cap of around US$4 billion.

Dogwithat price chart

What Is the Dogwifhat Token?

Like BONK, WIF is an SPL token, which stands for Solana Program Library. SPL tokens are the Solana blockchain’s equivalent of Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens. They represent a standard for creating fungible (interchangeable) tokens on the Solana network. This standard allows developers to issue tokens that can represent any type of asset, such as currencies, points, shares in a company, or any other unit of value.

Part of the reason for WIF’s popularity can be attributed to it being on the Solana network, and the growing interest of dapp developers in building on and for Solana, given its many advantages over Ethereum.

The key features of SPL tokens include:

  1. Fungibility: Each token is identical to another in type and value, making them interchangeable.
  2. Efficiency: Built on Solana, SPL tokens benefit from the blockchain’s high throughput and low transaction costs.
  3. Programmability: Similar to smart contracts on Ethereum, SPL tokens can be integrated into decentralized applications (DApps) on Solana, enabling a wide range of use cases from finance to gaming.
  4. Composability: SPL tokens can interact with other programs and tokens on the Solana ecosystem, fostering a rich environment for building complex DApps.

SPL tokens utilize Solana’s unique features, such as its Proof of History (PoH) consensus mechanism, to achieve fast and secure transactions, making them suitable for a variety of decentralized applications.

ETH vers SOL

 For developers and investors, Solana has many advantages over Ethereum

Dogwifhat Utility

Despite its potential for wider application, WIF remains purely a meme token. As it says on the website, WIF is “literally just a dog wif a hat”. There are no advanced tokennomics features. WIF is not being burned or staked or otherwise applied to roles in the DeFi system. Essentially, it exists purely as a digital token without additional features.


Dogwifhat was building an ‘organic’ social media community long before its launch as a meme coin.

WIF embodies the speculative nature of meme coins, offering potential high returns tempered by the risks of market manipulation and the absence of intrinsic value beyond speculative trading.

Its comparison to other meme coins highlights a robust online community that contributes to its organic growth and market performance. Viewed through the lens of legacy investment fundamentals, WIF achieving a $4 billion market capitalization less than four months after launching makes no sense. Viewed through more youthful eyes, however, it – and the financial nihilism it represents – makes perfect sense.

Financial nihilism is the term used to encapsulate a growing sentiment among investors, particularly the younger generation, who are increasingly disillusioned with conventional financial pathways and the elusive American Dream. In the face of escalating living costs and stagnant wages, meme coins offer a speculative avenue for significant returns, underpinned by a collective desire to challenge and possibly transcend established financial norms through cryptocurrency investment.


Since March 1st, WIF is up 415% from $0.79 to $4.07. During the same period, Bitcoin is up around 8%. While institutional investment in the form of Bitcoin ETFs has driven up the price of BTC, the real enthusiasm and excitement in crypto currently – especially with retail investors, is for meme coins.

While the majority of meme coins will never succeed in delivering any return to investors, Dogwifhat has managed to carve a niche for itself, propelled by a combination of timely market entry, a strong community foundation years in the making, and the inherent appeal of internet memes. Its journey from a humorous online meme to a significant player in the cryptocurrency market exemplifies the unpredictable yet fascinating intersection of internet culture and financial innovation – proof that in the digital age, even whimsy can yield serious success.


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