Barchart partners with Brave New Coin for crypto data and research

Barchart and Brave New Coin (BNC) have announced a partnership that will see Barchart publish BNC’s cryptocurrency market capitalization and reference data, along with its proprietary crypto trading analysis and news.

The announcement comes as the price of Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies is hitting all-time highs — and the confirmation by both CME Group and Cboe Global Markets that they will be launching Bitcoin futures in December has further spiked investor interest in cryptocurrencies.

 Barchart plans support of CME and Cboe’s Bitcoin futures from day one and views Brave New Coin’s data content and analysis as highly complementary to its market data services for the finance, media, and commodity industries.

“Brave New Coin has frequently led the way in the development of news, data, and analytical resources for the cryptocurrency space,” says Barchart CEO Mark Haraburda. “Their products and referential data provide much-needed insight into this evolving sector and we’re very pleased to be able to incorporate it into our platform.”

 For BNC, the partnership is important as Barchart is one of the world’s leading providers of market data to the financial sector — empowering decision making for financial and commodity professionals globally. The opportunity to provide investors with a single, reliable source for information on the fragmented cryptocurrency ecosystem is particularly significant says BNC CEO Fran Strajnar.

“We’re proud to have our content included in their offering," he says. “We’ve always been committed to providing the type of trusted information, analysis and research the sector needs to develop, and a partnership  with a world-leading market data provider like Barchart will ensure that information reaches the widest possible audience.”